#Love Hurts

Ria grew up believing what she saw in movies about Love! The hero would be a tender, star-struck lover who took care of every mood of his beloved. The heroine would have a bed of roses kind of life with no sadness, no discomfort and no pain. After all she only had movies to turn to, in order to understand love. Her parents, though very loving and caring, were the regular Indian parents who shied away from such subjects. She grew up believing in fairy tales, princes, Shahrukh style romance and belonged to the DDLJ generation. No one ever told her … Continue reading #Love Hurts

What Makes You Think We Are Rich?

What makes you think we are rich? She asked him while looking around their humble hut with straw for beds, a hole with wood in it to cook their food in, she looked at their children wearing old hand-me-downs, she looked at her simple saree. She saw his shirt and the pants that looked so old. She looked at the simple food of rotis and onions that they ate. Once again she asked”, What makes you think we are rich?”       He thought about this for a long time. He knew that this was not a frivolously asked question. He … Continue reading What Makes You Think We Are Rich?

Another Sleepless Night

  It was another sleepless night for Amita. This happened so frequently that she was trying to remember when she had slept well last. It had been almost two years since she had thrown Ravi out of her life. Why did he still her haunt her mind and dreams then? Hadn’t she resolved to put it all behind her and move ahead to a definitely better future?        She went back to the day when she had to take this decision. She could have done anything to change it but could not. They had loved each other so much that … Continue reading Another Sleepless Night

Just Another Day!

It was just like any other day. Amol set off for work. But today, he was in a very bad mood. All the things that were going wrong in his life were crowding his mind. He wanted to run away from all of it to a place where he could have a peaceful and happy existence. Nothing in his life was going right. He had been struggling for years to rise up the corporate ladder with no success. It was not lack of talent or dedication that caused his downfall. Amol was a very shy and unassuming person who did … Continue reading Just Another Day!

A Love Like No OTher

They met through a common friend, though not in person for the first time. Most appropriately in the world of Internet, they met on Facebook through the common friend. They started chatting regularly and became friends. The day that they first met in person, they felt like they had known each other forever, they understood each other so well. Though it was not love at first sight, they did feel something blossoming between them. In two or three meetings, they realized they were in love with each other. Did they know that this was the beginning of a love so … Continue reading A Love Like No OTher