Another Sleepless Night


It was another sleepless night for Amita. This happened so frequently that she was trying to remember when she had slept well last. It had been almost two years since she had thrown Ravi out of her life. Why did he still her haunt her mind and dreams then? Hadn’t she resolved to put it all behind her and move ahead to a definitely better future?

       She went back to the day when she had to take this decision. She could have done anything to change it but could not. They had loved each other so much that spending the rest of their lives together was an unsaid promise to each other. And one day he said it to her – he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  She was on Cloud Nine would be a very tame description of her happiness. But, she also knew there was a very thorny path ahead for them.

     Both of them were very attached to their parents and wanted this union to happen with the smiling faces of both parents’ on the day of the wedding. Unfortunately, they lived in a society with very fixed views on marriage, eligibility of a girl or a boy, caste, gotra and the list goes on. Love was of little or no importance. Their hurdle – the age difference between them with her being older than him. But she had confidence in his love for her. He couldn’t live without her and he had himself said his parents would agree eventually.

    But all beautiful dreams come to an end, so did this one. His parents couldn’t be convinced – come what may. He couldn’t separate from her too. She saw their relationship becoming a nightmare with him being pulled in two directions. She now knew the relationship was on its way to death. Before the nightmare intensified, she had to strengthen herself and take the tough step. She did it. She severed all ties with him – changed her phone number, blocked him everywhere and said goodbye to him in her heart. She let him think she was callous and selfish, whatever it may take to make him forget her.

    While she was remembering all this, the sun’s rays touched her face. She got up from her bed and readied herself for work. She prepared herself, yet dreaded the prospect of one more sleepless night spent in fighting the demons called memories……….


10 Replies to “Another Sleepless Night”

  1. A touchy post! A close friend of mine is going through a very similar situation and I felt I was reading about her. I wish there was a solution. Liked the way you weaved the story!

    1. Thank you, Parul. My only aim of writing is to touch people’s hearts and to broaden their hearts and minds. All my support and love to your friend. The only situation is if your friend’s love stays firm in his decision to marry her. I hope that happens.

  2. My bf broke with me recently. I don’t contact him and I asked him to do the same. Each day I’m going to work, like nothing happened. When you don’t focus on the past its getting better a little each day. I try not to think of my relationship and I move on. That is a solution. Keep on living, doing your own job and believe love is not over with this one guy.

      1. It’s based on my experience immediately after my breakup Aobe, so it’s not completely fictional. I did spend many sleepless nights. But I am happy today. And Aobe don’t try to feel that breakup hasn’t affected you. Feel anger, pain and whatever you want to feel. It will help you heal faster.

      2. Break up effects everybody, but I prefer not to think about it or my ex. He wasn’t perfect bf and treated me not good. Don’t like to look at a loose past, because it makes me realize my mistake to be with him hehe

      3. It’s ok. We learn from our mistakes. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like a bad person because of that. You are worthy of the best in life 🙂

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