The Saga of the Under Attack Feminist

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would keep teaching me about everything a girl should be – a girl should be softspoken, she should be modest, she should not have strong opinions and views, she should be extremely tolerant whatever the circumstances and protesting against injustice, what’s that(she still is the most beautiful memory of my childhood days because of the lovely summer memories she created for us). And today when she is no more and I am the exact antithesis of whatever she taught me, she must be squirming or finally she is proud of me? On one … Continue reading The Saga of the Under Attack Feminist

My Life as Written by Myself!

When I was 14 years old, I got it into my head that I wanted to be a journalist. I was very keen on it and was working towards that goal by honing my English skills and writing. But life has its own twists and turns. My father was an army officer and he didn’t have a very high salary. My brother and I are just one year and nine months apart with him being older than I am. He went into Engineering college and I was in 11th standard that time. When I passed out of 12th, he was … Continue reading My Life as Written by Myself!

Winter Garden – A Book I Can Never Forget!

About six month back, I have added a new author to my list of favourite authors. Her name is Kristin Hannah. I have read many of her books but the book that left me speechless is Winter Garden. It is a book that touched me to the core and left me teary eyed by the end. What an amazing way to weave a story! I have read so many books that it rarely happens that I just can’t wait to know what happens in the end. With Winter Garden, I couldn’t put it down till I completed it. Synopsis of … Continue reading Winter Garden – A Book I Can Never Forget!

The Death of Freedom!

India has completed 68 years of independence. But what does this independence really mean? I don’t see any freedom around me at all. Whenever a girl is harassed by men on the road, I see the death of freedom. Whenever a couple is killed by their own families for falling in love, I see the death of freedom. Whenever I see moral police beating up lovers for celebrating Valentine’s Day, I see the death of freedom. Whenever I see police arresting adults who are staying together in a hotel legally, I see the death of freedom. Whenever I see someone … Continue reading The Death of Freedom!

Together – The Journey of Friendship

You could be heart-broken, may have lost out on that long-lost promotion, may have had a bitter fight with your parents or you may be just feeling lost in life. Whatever be the situation, there is one person who will always stand by you. In different people’s lives, they are different roles. For someone it will be mother or father, for someone it will be their spouse who is their shelter in difficult times, for someone it could be someone completely unrelated to them(they can’t even call that person a friend, because it will be too small a word to … Continue reading Together – The Journey of Friendship

5 Things I Thought I Would Achieve By 25!

When I was growing up, I had a clear plan of the things I had a clear list of the things I would achieve by the time I turned 25. Here is my list. 1) I would be highly educated. 2) I would be working in a top organization with a cushy salary at a high post. 3) I would have built my dream home in a beautiful city. 4) I would have met the love of my life and would be happily married. 5) I would have travelled to my dream location,Switzerland. At the age of 36, I look back … Continue reading 5 Things I Thought I Would Achieve By 25!

Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die

All of us have unfulfilled dreams, unrequited passions and desires in our hearts. I am a very imaginative person and I never curb it because dreams are only fulfilled by those who dream. So here is my #LifeDeathBucketList for Indiblogger’s latest Indispire topic. 1) Travel to each and every corner of the world, preferably alone and if I have someone with me, it should be someone who has the same thirst for travel that I  have. 2) Write a book – It will be part autobiography, part fiction. I will write a simple and a touching story which will touch the reader’s … Continue reading Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die

The farce called Candle March

16th December, 2012 – A girl was brutally raped and beaten and her guy friend was also brutally thrashed and both were thrown out of the speeding bus where they were lying approximately for one hour. No one came to help them in that crucial one hour and they were lying their ignored until someone informed the police and they were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. That one hour had been very crucial for the girl who could have been saved if she was rushed to hospital in time. And the same people who would have seen them … Continue reading The farce called Candle March

Making Others Smile!

Indiblogger’s latest topic in Indispire is about what I might have done that was good for others and brought a smile to their face. This set me thinking and I was trying to remember what I could have done. Then I got my answer.       When I had my heart broken, somehow I became very perceptive to pain in other people. Maybe it was God’s way of helping me heal. In the initial after days after the end of my relationship, I was in too much pain. But 6-7 months later, I was a little more in control of … Continue reading Making Others Smile!

When You Fall In Love

You are going about your life in the normal way. You go to office, work hard all day and come back home and sleep, next morning – the same routine continues. Suddenly, one day lightning strikes. You see him/her and recognise your soulmate and a love you never ever felt before. You revel in the love of the other person. Suddenly, life becomes meaningless without them. You see your entire future with them.      You start planning a life together. Suddenly, another lightning strikes. Your loved ones tell you – you simply can’t marry him/her. You look at your … Continue reading When You Fall In Love