Winter Garden – A Book I Can Never Forget!

About six month back, I have added a new author to my list of favourite authors. Her name is Kristin Hannah. I have read many of her books but the book that left me speechless is Winter Garden. It is a book that touched me to the core and left me teary eyed by the end. What an amazing way to weave a story! I have read so many books that it rarely happens that I just can’t wait to know what happens in the end. With Winter Garden, I couldn’t put it down till I completed it. Synopsis of … Continue reading Winter Garden – A Book I Can Never Forget!

My Favourite Fiction Writer

I started reading as soon as I could recognize words, thanks to my father who instilled the love of reading in me. I have read many books that have touched, made me cry, inspired and encouraged me. But there is only one author who has managed to do all this. Her name is J.K Rowling and the books are her Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is a boy who has led a very ordinary mundane existence till he reaches the age of 11 years and discovers that he is no ordinary boy, but a wizard. His destiny is extraordinarily intertwined … Continue reading My Favourite Fiction Writer

Book Review: Second Chance at Love

I had walked into a Crossword outlet and was just browsing around. Suddenly, this title in the New Releases section caught my attention and I got interested in it. The name of the book ¬†– Second Chance at Love by Ruchita Misra. I just picked up the book on a whim and it was a complete impulse buy. Did I know it would be a journey with two characters I would fall in love with? No, not in the least. Bindiya Saran is a cheerful lively girl, but with a troubled past. Samar ‘Satan’ Chauhan is the strict corporate professional¬†whom … Continue reading Book Review: Second Chance at Love

Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey

Since quite sometime, I have been thinking of starting something of my own. It was sheer providence that I came across Entrepreneur and UTV Founder Ronnie Screwvala’s book ‘Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey’. Whether you are just starting out on your own entrepreneurial journey or have been running a business successfully for years, this book is for you. This book will encourage you and tell you that you can do it by sheer grit, optimism and clear thinking. Ronnie Screwvala also highlights the fact that you will make mistakes but it is important to learn from … Continue reading Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey

The Palace of Illusions

Image Courtesy: I remember reading the Mahabharata in school and liking the story, even though I found it very unfair to women. Recently, I was browsing books in my library and came across a book titled ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Banerjee DivaKaruni. When I read the synopsis, I came know that it the Mahabharata as narrated by Draupadi. I got interested and picked it up. It traces Draupadi’s life from the time she was born to when she became the wife of the Pandavas and the events that unfolded after that. In her childhood days, Draupadi is … Continue reading The Palace of Illusions

It Happens For a Reason by Preeti Shenoy

Vipasha(Vee) has the world at her feet. She is eighteen, beautiful with a promising modelling career and a terrific relationship. She has a troubled relationship with her mother who put her in a boarding school at a very young age. She is not very close to her father either. She continues her modelling career only for the money it brings her and she doesn’t care much about it otherwise. The only thing that matters most to her is her relationship with Ankush, whom she considers the love of her life. Life takes an unexpected turn when Vee discovers she is … Continue reading It Happens For a Reason by Preeti Shenoy