KalaGhoda Arts Festival 2015

The beginning of every year would be an incomplete for me if I didn’t go to the Kalaghoda Arts Festival. So, I went to the festival this year too on the first day that it started. Here are excerpts from my day at Kalaghoda.




Water, Mumbai’s most precious resource


Shops with Interesting art like this are one of the main reasons for me to go to the festival every year.


A Tribute to Cinema – both Hollywood and Bollywood


Ethno Mod – a Tribute to the Spirit of Womanhood by artist Kisalay Vora(my favourite work of art this year)


The artist himself


A quaint car


I love these characters at a stall in Kalaghoda



With the world increasingly getting full of disconnected people, the artwork on this car talks about the power of the human touch.


I simply loved this.



CST Station at Night


The Treasures that I  brought back from the Festival


© Arti Deshpande


A Friend

Even at the time when we are so young that we don’t understand anything, this is one thing that we understand – Friendship.
When we feel no one understands us, they understand us.
When the whole world stands against us, they stand with us and sometimes in front of us not letting the harsh blows touch us.
When they feel we are in a relationship with the wrong person, we will never listen to them. When they are proven right, they never say I told you so. Instead, they give us a shoulder to cry on and remind us that we are special and didn’t deserve what happened.

When we fight with our parents, they never moralise, just listen and let us come around on our own. When we are wrong, they are the ones who slap us and bring us to our sense. They are REAL FRIENDS.

Happy Friendship Day 🙂


What Christmas Means To Me


My first Christmas that I celebrated was at the age of 14 when I played Mother Mary in the Army Christmas Celebrations. I was a little nervous at the thought of acting on stage. The lady who was directing the play sensed it and told me “Mother Mary is deeply revered by us Christians and you have been chosen to play Mother Mary. This means that you have something special in you.” My nervousness vanished and made me curious about the story of Jesus Christ. I read the story and was hooked. I loved celebrating Christmas that year and every year henceforth.

Christmas to me means warmth, light, the smell of delicious baking, gifts, Santa Claus and the beauty of a lovely decorated Christmas Tree. In fact, my love for baking started at that time. I love everything about the festival. To me, it is the most festive time of the year. It is the season of miracles and of believing in them. Who is Santa Claus if not a miracle, a miracle that every child believes in and so does every adult. This is one festival that weaves its magic around everyone, makes everyone forget the difficulties of everyday life and steep themselves in the magic of the season for sometime.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas in office through the Secret Santa game or at home with loved ones, it makes everyone feel happy from inside. Who doesn’t feel precious when they get a gift from their Secret Santa in office or when they exchange gifts with their loved ones at home during Christmas? Who doesn’t feel the magic of the season when they have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree at home?

Christmas is about the birth of the Lord who became a savior of people and whose name was Jesus. His story was about sacrificing himself for the good of his people. Why don’t we follow his example? We can definitely celebrate with our loved ones. However, why not give a thought to those young sweet faces who have never known the love of a family which we take so for granted and have been always lucky to have? Let’s celebrate the season of Christmas with kids who are less privileged than us and who have always longed for the love of a family. Let’s bring happiness, cheer and love to them and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.