Religious Rituals – Are They Relevant

The latest Indispire topic on IndiBlogger had me thinking of somehow of the rituals that we as Indians blindly follow. Here are my pet peeves in Indian Rituals. Fasting for a particular God: We will fast and starve ourselves irrespective of our health conditions at that time for a specific God. We could be completely physically weak but we will not give up our fast. Since we are all God’s creations, which God will tell you to starve yourself in his or her name? And how are you of service to God with this silly fasting? If you want to do anything … Continue reading Religious Rituals – Are They Relevant

Pornography Ban in India

In the last 24 hours, a lot of conversations have been happening on the Internet and Social Media on the topic of 800 odd pornographic websites being banned in India. People were protesting all over the Internet against the ban. And there was only one question in my mind – what is wrong if these websites are banned? I agree that we are the country of Khajuraho and Kamasutra. But, for how long are people going to justify this as an excuse to support Pornography in the country? I don’t buy this argument at all. What happened was centuries back. … Continue reading Pornography Ban in India

Writing to Change the World

Can writing change the world? Can it bring about social change? Yes, it definitely can. Throughout history and till today, people who wanted to change the world have written books and articles to bring about change, You must have heard the saying ‘Pen is mightier than the Sword.’ It is truly so. It is when we write about the wrongs in the society around us that people start to notice the same wrongdoings and start speaking out against it, that’s when the change happens. During the pre-independence era, the freedom fighters and revolutionaries would circulate magazines and newsletters, sometimes anonymously … Continue reading Writing to Change the World

10 Books That I Simply Love!

From a very young age, my parents worked very hard to instill the love of reading in me. I am extremely grateful to them for this as to love reading is to never feel lonely in life. You have a bestfriend for life. So, as a part of the latest topic in Indispire on Indiblogger, here a list of my 10 favourite books. 1. The Malory Tower series: I was in school when I started reading the Malory Tower series. The good students, the bad students, the wicked students – I loved all of them. The midnight parties and all the … Continue reading 10 Books That I Simply Love!

Geethanjali Videos – Animated Educational Videos for Kids

Education of children is a task that always has parents worried and concerned that they should gain knowledge and learn the things required as per their age. Your child will start school one day, but the basic groundwork for learning is always laid at home. Children have minds that absorb knowledge like a sponge. If we start teaching them the basics at home, they will have an advantage when they start school. However, we need to teach them in a fun and interactive way to keep their attention from wavering as they have a very short attention span and are … Continue reading Geethanjali Videos – Animated Educational Videos for Kids