Murder of Free Speech

From childhood, I have been a very outspoken kid. Sometimes, my parents appreciated me for it, sometimes they didn’t like it but they never stopped me from speaking my mind. This trait is still the strongest part of my personality. I criticize the Government for the wrong actions they take, I stand up in support of causes I believe in irrespective of how many people disagree with me. But what it came to threat of my life? Would it quieten me? Probably not. I am deeply saddened by the ruthless murder of three #BangaladeshBloggers in the last two years, the … Continue reading Murder of Free Speech

Faith and God

Many people worship God, fear him and are afraid of incurring his wrath, they pray hard to him everyday. They look for God in temples and other places of worship. My concept of God is very different. I don’t worship God. I talk to God as a friend. Sometimes, I will bargain with him – you give me this and I will do this. Sometimes, he listens to me, sometimes he doesn’t. I bargain with him most fervently when I leave late for work and need a miracle to reach office on time(this happens quite often). To me, God is not … Continue reading Faith and God