Just Another Day!

It was just like any other day. Amol set off for work. But today, he was in a very bad mood. All the things that were going wrong in his life were crowding his mind. He wanted to run away from all of it to a place where he could have a peaceful and happy existence. Nothing in his life was going right. He had been struggling for years to rise up the corporate ladder with no success. It was not lack of talent or dedication that caused his downfall. Amol was a very shy and unassuming person who did not know how to put himself forward and demand what he felt was his right.

       His personal life was also in shambles. The woman Amol had loved for two years had broken up with him two months back. His only fault – he was from a different religion and an orphan with no knowledge of his family background. He tried his best to win Jenny’s parents over. When that failed, he tried to convince her to not leave him. But she was adamant on not going against her parents. He felt that he had reached a dead end in his personal and professional life.

     In this mood, Amol was on the way to work. He reached office and had no enthusiasm to work. He went about his mundane tasks of the day and left for home at about 5:45 p.m. He took his normal 6 p.m train and greeted his fellow commuters who travelled in the same train with him and settled down in the first class compartment. His gaze was outside, looking at the tracks, wondering where his life was going. He saw no way to get himself out of the rut that he had fallen into.

     The train was reaching Bandra and he went and stood at the door. He was lost in thoughts. Suddenly, he heard a loud sound and felt himself being thrown out of the train. He landed on the ground with just minor injuries. But he was shocked to see the situation around him. There were bodies strewn around him everywhere. He got to his feet with great difficulty and helped carry the bodies and injured people to the ambulances. After that, he was roaming around in shock. He felt a soft hand grasp his out of nowhere and a voice said,” Relax, it is ok.” The hand guided him to the nearest ambulance and then vanished. He was taken to a hospital for treating the injuries.

     While in the hospital bed, his whole life flashed in front of him. He realized how precious life is and how it can be snatched from you in a moment’s time. He decided to cherish every moment of his life and not spend even one moment cursing his fate or being depressed. He remembered his childhood days when he dreamt of a completely different life from what he was leading now. He remembered the paintings that he used to create and his dream of being a painter. Where had he forgotten his childhood passion? Was it in his hurry to make money that he forgot the true meaning of life? He wept tears of joy and sadness at the same time. Exhausted and tired with the trauma and emotion, he fell into a deep asleep.

       The moment he was out of the hospital, he resigned from his job and went back to his childhood dream of being a painter. His first painting that he created – a hand holding another hand and guiding it. Needless to say, he didn’t sell it. However, his first painting gained a lot of recognition and soon Amol became a famous painter. He never looked back, spent every day bringing happiness to other people and cherishing every moment of life to the fullest.

     What he got, he gave back to life by opening a home for orphans, teaching them, giving them a secure, happy and a love-filled environment and a secure future!


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