Winter Garden – A Book I Can Never Forget!

About six month back, I have added a new author to my list of favourite authors. Her name is Kristin Hannah. I have read many of her books but the book that left me speechless is Winter Garden. It is a book that touched me to the core and left me teary eyed by the end. What an amazing way to weave a story! I have read so many books that it rarely happens that I just can’t wait to know what happens in the end. With Winter Garden, I couldn’t put it down till I completed it. Synopsis of … Continue reading Winter Garden – A Book I Can Never Forget!

Book Review: Second Chance at Love

I had walked into a Crossword outlet and was just browsing around. Suddenly, this title in the New Releases section caught my attention and I got interested in it. The name of the book  – Second Chance at Love by Ruchita Misra. I just picked up the book on a whim and it was a complete impulse buy. Did I know it would be a journey with two characters I would fall in love with? No, not in the least. Bindiya Saran is a cheerful lively girl, but with a troubled past. Samar ‘Satan’ Chauhan is the strict corporate professional whom … Continue reading Book Review: Second Chance at Love

Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey

Since quite sometime, I have been thinking of starting something of my own. It was sheer providence that I came across Entrepreneur and UTV Founder Ronnie Screwvala’s book ‘Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey’. Whether you are just starting out on your own entrepreneurial journey or have been running a business successfully for years, this book is for you. This book will encourage you and tell you that you can do it by sheer grit, optimism and clear thinking. Ronnie Screwvala also highlights the fact that you will make mistakes but it is important to learn from … Continue reading Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey

Women Empowerment – A Wrong interpretation

She has always been the perfect woman for me – strong yet vulnerable, emotional yet practical, independent, intelligent and a go-getter. And one day, maybe I will go back to this impression of her. However, today I am sorely disappointed with Deepika Padukone’s Women Empowerment video for Vogue. Under the title of a woman’s choice, we are saying it’s alright for her to cheat in a marriage, practice bigamy and do what she wants to, totally inconsiderate of anyone’s feelings. And ohh yes, when someone does the same things to her, you see crying pictures, tearful interviews and the works … Continue reading Women Empowerment – A Wrong interpretation

Badlapur – Don’t Miss The Beginning

I just needed to go out with friends after a long day of work. My friends were going for a movie and I went along with them. The movie we were seeing was Badlapur. The movie promos said Don’t Miss the Beginning. And it’s right. If you miss the beginning, don’t watch the movie, because the movie’s first scene is the most important of the scene. The movie is hard-hitting from the first scene to the last scene. It is a story of what extents can someone go to in order to take revenge. It is a story of impulsive … Continue reading Badlapur – Don’t Miss The Beginning

Ghatkopar’s Khau Galli – A Gastronomer’s Delight

I had heard a lot about Ghatkopar’s Khau Galli(Food Street) from my friends and colleagues. Ghatkopar is a suburb of Mumbai. I had heard that you get atleast 25 different types of Dosas there and they are a must try. i had been longing to go since a long time. On Friday, a friend and I made an impromptu plan to go there. We reached there at about 9 p.m. We were just roaming around and wondering where to start. The food there is all vegetarian street food and it is amazingly clean there and the taste of street food … Continue reading Ghatkopar’s Khau Galli – A Gastronomer’s Delight


I absolutely hate watching hindi T.V channels nowadays because all you get to see boring and unreal soaps where the women are not seen without a Pallu on their head, sleep with make-up, heavy Sarees and jewellery. All they do is plan and plot against the other women in the show. It was irritating beyond and belief. I have completely stopped watching T.V nowadays. A few months back, I saw the promos of Everest, a T.V show produced by Ashutosh Gowariker. The promos showed the story of a girl(Anjali) who spent her life longing for her father’s love who wanted … Continue reading Everest

Five Point Nothing

Today, Indian authors are gradually on the rise and some of them are really talented and some just rise on hype. Chetan Bhagat belongs to the second category. He can’t even be called ordinary, he is just a mediocre writer. Be it One Night at the Call Centre, Five Point Someone or Revolution 2020, I haven’t read any books that could be more dull. The only book that is slightly appealing is 2 States and that could be only because it is a true story. I didn’t even try reading Half Girlfriend. There are so many Indian authors who are extremely talented, … Continue reading Five Point Nothing

The five books that really influenced me as a person

The love for reading was inculcated in me from childhood by my parents and that love still continues today. There are some books that influence you and stay with you all your life. For me, those books are as follows(these books are in chronological order starting from my childhood): 1) Beauty and the Beast It is a simple and sweet story. But it has a powerful moral behind it – Never judge anyone by their outer appearance, rather look at their inner beauty and love them for it. 2) The Little Prince The story of the innocent prince from another … Continue reading The five books that really influenced me as a person

Banking in a Jifi

We use social networking for everything – keeping in touch with our friends, reading the news, airing political views, protesting against something, sharing joys and sorrows. It is an integral part of our life. Can you think of any more uses for this integral part of our life? How about banking through it? Sounds interesting? Have you heard of Social Banking? Social banking lets you enjoy instant updates of your bank account through your personalised Twitter handle. Kotak Mahindra Bank has now ventured into the arena of Social Banking. They have launched the first socially powered bank account Jifi. This … Continue reading Banking in a Jifi