Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey

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Since quite sometime, I have been thinking of starting something of my own. It was sheer providence that I came across Entrepreneur and UTV Founder Ronnie Screwvala’s book ‘Dream With Your Eyes Open – An Entrepreneurial Journey’.

Whether you are just starting out on your own entrepreneurial journey or have been running a business successfully for years, this book is for you. This book will encourage you and tell you that you can do it by sheer grit, optimism and clear thinking. Ronnie Screwvala also highlights the fact that you will make mistakes but it is important to learn from your mistakes and keep moving. The secret is to not give up under any circumstances.

The book tells you that it can be done, however the importance of dreaming with your eyes open is absolutely essential. Ronnie Screwvala takes you through his journey as a budding entrepreneur to the founder of one of the biggest Media companies in India.

Every step of his journey is fraught with risks, some calculated, some uncalculated. Some were successful and some failed. But each step was a learning which he imbibed in his soul and kept moving. As Ronnie Screwvala said “Most people ask me about my successes, not many ask about my failures. It would give me more to talk about.”

Thinking is going through a revolutionary change in India. Earlier people considered havng a job synonymous with security. This is no longer a truth. Today, the job market is very volatile with companies going for quantity over quality. They want people to work for less money, even if it means compromising quality. This is the sad truth. Hence, as Ronnie Screwvala says,”The future belongs to those who no longer teach talented people how to get a job but how to create thriving businesses as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs/professionals in a company.”

With all his successes and victories, the one thing that Ronnie Screwvala continuously emphasizes on is the importance of having a strong team to work with you and back you. He couldn’t specify enough on the importance of retaining talent and not losing them as that proves very expensive for any organization.

A strong team is half the battle won is one of the key messages that he conveys throughout the book.

To summarise, this book is a must read for anyone who is apprehensive of taking that one step towards their entrepreneurial journey. As the author says in the book, don’t keep waiting for that huge investment to start your own business. Start with a small investment, make it a success and the big money will automatically be attracted to you.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone who wants to Dream With Their Eyes Open.


Get a better(more loved) car with Quikr Next

Dear Prospective (my) Car Owner,

We study hard in school and college, get a really well-paying, work hard day in and day out, enjoying a little with our hard earned cash and saving the rest of it for fulfilling our dreams of buying the things we have always wanted. For me, a car of my own topped the list, something I had dreamt of since childhood. When we bring a car into our family, it is not just a car. It is a friend, a companion, a travel buddy, a playground for children, a place to de-stress after a long hard day of work with your favourite music on and a long empty road in front of you. I love to travel and see new places, experience different worlds.

Finally, the day arrived when I had saved enough to buy a car. I was abuzz with excitement and nervousness at the same time while travelling to the showroom to buy my first car. I had my favourite all time companion with me who has been through all my good and bad times with me – my mom.

My car entered my life with a lot of pomp and celebration, with a smile on my mom’s face and a visit to the temple. It is my first car and very special for me. I took long drives with it on beautiful coastal roads with the sea travelling along with me. It saw my smiles, my beautiful moments, my funny moments, and poignant moments. It enveloped me in a hug when I was crying and rejoiced with me when I was happy.

It has seen my nieces frolicking in it happily, my mother happily going for a ride along with me. It has seen my father driving it for the first time and felt his happiness when he was driving a car bought from his daughter’s salary and that was the day he thought he was truly successful. My car has seen my dad laughing while he was sitting in the passenger and seeing me trying to learn how to drive.

It has been my friend in good and bad times. Recently, I have been thinking that this car and I are too used to each other now and not enjoying each other as much as we used to. Maybe it is time for both of us to move ahead and find a new companion to build memories with.

Which place will be better than http://www.quikr.com to give my car a new home? This car is very precious to me. I love it like family and will always cherish the beautiful memories we have built together. You are looking at this page, so something in this car has definitely appealed to you. It is looking for its next friend, companion and a new family to love.

Me….I will give this car that I love to you, content in the though knowing that you will love it as much as I do and with this money, I will find my next car using Quikr Nxt.
Why a used car and not a brand new car? Because I have realized how much more precious and loved used cars are and I want to continue adding to that love. My car is waiting for you with all its love and another used car is waiting for me with all its love. Now meet your new car.

Tata Nano

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A Quikr Seller and a Quikr Prospective Buyer.

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