What Makes You Think We Are Rich?

What makes you think we are rich? She asked him while looking around their humble hut with straw for beds, a hole with wood in it to cook their food in, she looked at their children wearing old hand-me-downs, she looked at her simple saree. She saw his shirt and the pants that looked so old. She looked at the simple food of rotis and onions that they ate. Once again she asked”, What makes you think we are rich?”

      He thought about this for a long time. He knew that this was not a frivolously asked question. He turned to her. When I see that we have a roof over our head which covers a home full of love and laughter, I feel we are rich. When I look at you and see the light shining in your eyes, I know that I have not failed as a husband and I feel we are rich. When I see our children getting a good education and growing up into talented people with values to be proud of, I feel rich. When I see that simple though our meals are, we never go to sleep hungry, I feel rich. Old though our clothes are, we have dignity and protection for our bodies and I feel rich. When I see rich people’s houses filled with all the comforts and family members at war with each other, our love filled home makes me feel rich.

       When I see my strong and healthy self who is capable of earning for his family, when I see you who nurtures me and our children with her love and care, I feel rich. We are rich in the things that truly matter and that makes me feel rich.

     When she looked at her world through his eyes, her humble hut suddenly became a palace in her eyes and she felt truly rich too.


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