It Happens For a Reason by Preeti Shenoy

It Happens for a Reason

Vipasha(Vee) has the world at her feet. She is eighteen, beautiful with a promising modelling career and a terrific relationship. She has a troubled relationship with her mother who put her in a boarding school at a very young age. She is not very close to her father either. She continues her modelling career only for the money it brings her and she doesn’t care much about it otherwise. The only thing that matters most to her is her relationship with Ankush, whom she considers the love of her life.

Life takes an unexpected turn when Vee discovers she is pregnant with Ankush’s kid. Ankush looks reluctant to accept the baby and Vee breaks all ties with him and decides to have the baby. Nothing can dissuade her from her decision.

Fifteen years down the line, Vee is living a happy life with her son Aryan and has a flourishing business and is also a personal trainer at a gym. Her childhood best friend Suchi is the rock solid support in her life. And then life takes an unexpected twist again.

Overnight, Vee’s business shuts down and she has an insecure future now. How she copes with it and what happens to her future is the crux of the story now.

The main message in the book that everything in your life happens for a reason, though you may not understand the reason yet. It gives out the message about how someone’s behaviour towards you may have a lot of underlying reasons. Life is all about second chances. The book speaks to you and says that if you face an obstacle in life, it is because it is supposed to take you to the future that will be infinitely better.

I really enjoyed the book and found it very encouraging and inspirational. I totally recommend it.

© Arti Deshpande


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