5 Things I Thought I Would Achieve By 25!

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When I was growing up, I had a clear plan of the things I had a clear list of the things I would achieve by the time I turned 25. Here is my list.

1) I would be highly educated.

2) I would be working in a top organization with a cushy salary at a high post.

3) I would have built my dream home in a beautiful city.

4) I would have met the love of my life and would be happily married.

5) I would have travelled to my dream location,Switzerland.

At the age of 36, I look back at this list and though I have not achieved many things in this list, I have understood the things that truly matter in my life. Love, laughter, friendship, living each day to the fullest, compassion towards others, being grateful for the blessings that I have instead of regretting the things that I don’t have. I have learnt to enjoy my present and not worry about the future, work and play to the fullest and I am happier than I ever thought I could be.


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