Dedh Ishqiya


The movie starts with the scene where Babban(Arshad Warsi)  is about to be killed by a don for whom they were supposed to steal a very valuable necklace.  Babban is caught by the don while Khalu has run away with the necklace. Babban somehow manages to escape and while running away, promises the don that he will get the necklace back for him. From the first scene, you are laughing away.

Babban begins his search for Khalu and eventually stumbles upon him masquerading as the Nawab of Chandpur to win the hand of Begum Para(Madhuri Dixit), the widow of Nawab of Mahmudabad. Both Khalu and Muniya fall in love with Begum Para and her assistant Muniya(Huma Qureshi), respectively. But this time, the tables are going to turn on them. How? Watch the movie and find out.

The movie has fun, romance, action, suspense – everything rolled into one and the best part is with no special story. If you love poetry and ghazals, the urdu ghazals and poems will have you spellbound while listening to them. Madhuri Dixit is gorgeous as Begum Para and Huma Qureshi holds her own in the presence of an actress like Madhuri. Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi’s pairing is as much fun as it was in Ishqiya. Naseeruddin Shah is spellbinding as a nawab who is trying to charm Begum Para.

The movie is not stretched or dragged. The screenplay is crisp and keeps you riveted. The movie has you in splits in many scenes. The intensity of love and a lover’s reaction when he is betrayed is shown in two completely different ways – Khalu’s restrained and quiet acceptance and Babban’s violent and angry reaction. It’s difficult to say who is a better performer in the movie.

In all, the movie is a must watch. It’s a complete entertainer.


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