Queen the Film


Queen, a movie that is totally about girl power, about believing in yourself, about beginning again when life seems to have ended. It is about starting again and creating the life you always wanted.

       Rani and Vijay had been dating for many years. Now that Vijay is back from London, they are getting married. He calls off the wedding a day before it is supposed to happen. Rani is devastated. Vijay and she had made so many plans together. One of them was their honeymoon in Paris and Amsterdam. She decides to go on her honeymoon alone. Thus, begins the journey of a heartbroken and shattered girl coming out of her shell and becoming a self-assured, confident, self respecting and independent woman.

       She meets Vijaylakshmi(VJ), a housekeeping staff and a single mother in the hotel that she was staying in while in Paris. When Rani is almost mugged in the streets of Paris, she goes into a pub and calls VJ to pick her up. She accidentally drinks some alcohol and soon begins a night of fun, adventure, pouring her heart out. She lets her hair down, dances on the streets, spends the night out on the streets with VJ. A heartwarming bond of friendship forms between them. Rani spends the rest of her trip seeing Paris with VJ and her son. When Rani is leaving for Amsterdam, VJ says to her – Vijay nahi hai to kya hua, Vijaylakshmi to hai na.

      Rani reaches Amsterdam and goes to the hostel where VJ has booked a room for her. Rani realizes that she will be sharing the room with three men, Tim, Taka and Alexander. She gets very uncomfortable, but is left with no choice as all hotels in Amsterdam are completely booked. She spends the night in the corridor outside her room when Tim wakes her up and the three men vacate the room for her.

     Soon, another heartwarming friendship forms between Rani, Tim, Taka and Alexander. The four of them roam around Amsterdam, are driven home by Rani when they get drunk. They have fun at her expense on seeing her innocence in an adult toys shop in Amsterdam. They support her when she takes on an Italian restaurant owner, Marcello in a cookoff and emerges victorious. She develops a crush on Marcello and kisses for the first time in her life.

    In the meantime, Vijay realizes his mistake and is trying to track her down. When she returns from the cook-off, she finds Vijay sitting outside her hotel. Vijay tries to force her to go back with him and a fight ensues between Alexander and Vijay. Rani asks Vijay to leave with the promise to meet him next day. She cancels her plans to go to a rock concert with her friends to meet Vijay. But when she meets Vijay, she realizes that her heart and mind is with her friends and the rock concert. She leaves the conversation in between, tells Vijay she will speak to him in Delhi. She has a sweet reunion with her friends at the rock concert and then they go their separate ways with the promise to stay in touch.

The moment Rani lands in Delhi, she goes to Vijay’s house and returns the engagement ring to him. The smile on her face and the spring in her step when she leaves his house says it all and the movie ends there.

     Rani’s journey will have you crying, laughing, sympathizing, celebrating every moment of her journey in this movie. I saw the movie twice in two different cinema halls. Both the times, the people around me applauded and cheered loudly when Rani returns the engagement ring to Vijay.

   This heartwarming journey has a very a strong and important message to give to people. To girls, it says marriage is not the ultimate destination for a woman and it definitely is not worth sacrificing every happiness and every desire that you have in your heart, give up your individuality and self-worth to be married. To parents, it says that give your daughters wings to fly, let them be self-assured and independent woman who are respected by their partners as equals. And to the men, it says – watch out. This is today’s woman. She loves, she cares but she has her own identity and definitely doesn’t need you to protect her and tell her what to do at every step in her life.

So, go on this beautiful journey of the transformation of a protected, scared girl transforming into a self assured woman. A journey where you will cry with her, laugh with her celebrate her, applaud her and feel proud of her, whether you are a man or a woman.


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