A Late Review of Befikre


I had missed watching Befikre in the movie hall and I had been very keen to watch it. I missed it when it came on T.V. Recently, I subscribed to Amazon Prime Video. It is amazing with a good movie collection, excellent quality and very convenient.

I found Befikre in the movie collection and settled down to watch it on Gudi Padwa since it was a holiday. The movie is set completely in Paris, it is my most loved city amongst all I have visited. I have a forever romance with Paris. The movie explores love and relationships as they are today. The confusion, desire to experience love with more than one person before settling down with that one person who one feels is perfect for them.

Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are both refreshing and very talented. They are fun, carefree and the movie is quite nice and I enjoyed it until we came to the end. Let me start with the synopsis first.

Shyra is an Indian but she has grown up as a French girl in Paris. The movie starts with a big fight and a breakup with Dharam(Ranveer Singh). After the breakup, Shyra grows up from someone who jumps from one relationship to other to a sensible and grounded woman who acquires a more mature outlook towards life while Dharam still stays the same. After their breakup, they don’t really stay in touch until one day Dharam calls her when he is in trouble with police. She bails him out and on the way home, they start talking to each other. Dharam apologizes to her for the things he says. They start becoming friends again and the story continues.

One day, her friend sets up a date for Shyra with an Investment banker.  Shyra is grumbling to Dharam about he will be a boring person and she wants to cancel the date. Dharam is going towards her house, speaking to her on the phone not realising that the same Investment banker is walking along with him towards her house. He hears the conversation about himself and introduces himself at Shyra’s door as the boring Investment banker. Dharam ends up accompanying them on the date. They go to a Karaoke bar and have a wonderful time. This was a refreshing change for me as the banker isn’t shown as the serious boring type, rather someone who is mature and responsible yet someone who lives life to the fullest and enjoys it too.

Shyra and Aney(the Investment banker) continue their relationship and are really happy together. Eventually, Aney asks her to marry him. She goes to Dharam and asks him for advice(as they are really close friends now). She asks him if he thinks she is the right person to get married too since their relationship doesn’t work out. He tells her that she is perfect and there is no way that she is responsible for the relationship not working out. She says Yes to Aney.

Now this is where my problem starts with the movie. In our youth and immaturity, we always get into relationships with the wrong people and come out of them as sensible people who have grown up, realised their good and bad points and what they want in the person whom they spend their life with. According to me, Dharam was the mistake of Shyra’s life and Aney was the guy who was absolutely right for her. But Dharam and Shyra start realising they still love each other while the wedding preparations are going on. This would still have been ok if we realised that Dharam had grown up and become more mature and responsible like Shyra had. But he was still the same which she knows too. When he tells her that he wants to change things, she tells him to act like  grownup man and rectify things, not like a typical immature man.

Yet at the end of the movie, they show Dharam coming to the altar and telling Aney how Shyra is a woman with a bad character, a slut who has slept with many men so that Aney will leave her and Shyra will be his. Shyra walks up to him and tells him – I told you to handle things like a grownup and not indulge in cheap tactics. He tells her that he loves her and she decides to marry Dharam, which is quite stupid. To justify that the turn the movie had taken now was the right one, they show Aney completely losing his cool and acting like a wild mad man losing his temper and getting violent towards Dharam. So they show a calm, sensible and mature man in a bad light to justify the cad getting the girl. This is my problem with the movie.

It is time our movies stopped justifying MCPs just because they are in love with the girl and were the girl’s first love, because that is what Dharam is – MCP.



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