Beauty and the Beast


I am a big Emma Watson fan and from the time the movie was announced with the first trailer, I was finding it difficult to wait for the movie to release. The first trailer itself looked so dreamy and perfect! When the movie released, I went with a close friend to see it. I sincerely think that the right company for such movies is very important, someone who will understand the varied emotions you experience while watching a movie like this.

I won’t be elaborating on the story of the movie since most of us are aware of the story of Beauty and the Beast. The movie is so beautifully shot, the scenes are spectacular, the music touching and sweet. The movie must be seen only in 3D to fully enjoy the beautiful visuals.

Emma Watson is truly the perfect choice for the role of Belle. She is beautiful, witty, sharp and simply spectacular. Dan Stevens as Beast does full justice to the role. The other person who stole the show for me was Josh Gad who plays the role of LeFou. He is a terrific actor with amazing comic timing. The movie should definitely not be missed.

The other thing that really impressed me was that one of Belle’s gowns is designed and embroidered in India. Take a look.


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