Half Ticket – A Journey of Life and Coming of Age!

In the clutter of movies releasing one after the other and overlapping each other, it gets very difficult to follow which movies are releasing and when. The TV Channels will normally only show you the trailers of the movies of the very popular stars. Because of this, I have missed out a lot of movies that I would have loved. So I have taken to browsing through all the movies releasing on Friday to see what catches my interest.

One such movie that grabbed my attention and tugged at me somehow is Half Ticket. It is a Marathi film about two slum kids who forage for coal to earn a living and their ultimate ambition in life is to taste a pizza. They have a loving mother and a grandmother who dotes on them. But the kids have loftier ambitions and want a taste of the good things in life.


The movie is a beautiful journey of coming to an understanding of the things in life that truly matter. As people have rightly said after watching the movie, you will see a Mumbai that has rarely been seen earlier. Each and every character will have an impact on you.

My favourite character in the movie is a Tutti-Frutti, a railway employee who develops a soft corner for the kids, never ridicules them and wants to help them achieve their lofty ambitions and teaches them many important life lessons. For myself, the highlight of the movie is the scene where the three of them are looking out at Bandra Worli Sea Link and Tutti Frutti talks to them about how they will be judged for their appearance and not for who they are as a person.

The movie has many sweet and funny moments – like the kids trying to sell a street dog to a taxi driver for Rs. 25000, two friends trying to outwit each other and ending up losing the money they were going to easily get. The movie has many touching moments too.

I highly recommend this movie, it is definitely a must watch!


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