Women Empowerment – A Wrong interpretation

She has always been the perfect woman for me – strong yet vulnerable, emotional yet practical, independent, intelligent and a go-getter. And one day, maybe I will go back to this impression of her.

However, today I am sorely disappointed with Deepika Padukone’s Women Empowerment video for Vogue. Under the title of a woman’s choice, we are saying it’s alright for her to cheat in a marriage, practice bigamy and do what she wants to, totally inconsiderate of anyone’s feelings. And ohh yes, when someone does the same things to her, you see crying pictures, tearful interviews and the works – wait, he is a man. He’s not allowed to do that. She is. What a pathetic example of Feminism and Women Empowerment!

Under the guise of women empowerment, are we actually trying to get the upper hand over the opposite sex? That’s not what we want. We want an equation with the opposite sex where equality exists. Of course, it’s my choice to have a baby or not. But is it only my choice? What if my partner is not ready for a baby? Is forcing fatherhood upon him women empowerment? Or is it threatening him that I can throw you out of my life anytime a sign of women empowerment? If he does the same to you, he will be labeled as insensitive, a jerk and an MCP.
When I had seen the video first by Vogue featuring Deepika Padukone, I had very high expectations. I had expected the real issues – Rape, Dowry, Marital Rape, Child Marriage, not this pathetic example of fake Feminism.

Deepika Padukone had the full choice not to do it and that would have been the real #MyChoice.


8 Replies to “Women Empowerment – A Wrong interpretation”

  1. I haven’t seen the video but if it has what you say then I am totally against it. Wrong is wrong whether it is committed by a man or a woman. And I agree with all your points. Women need empowerment not overpowerment which can lead to a situation in future like men fighting for men empowerment.

    1. True, Anita and yes, the video is totally wrong. It talks about woman’s right to infidelity, being egoistic and is a very negative video.

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