Badlapur – Don’t Miss The Beginning


I just needed to go out with friends after a long day of work. My friends were going for a movie and I went along with them. The movie we were seeing was Badlapur.

The movie promos said Don’t Miss the Beginning. And it’s right. If you miss the beginning, don’t watch the movie, because the movie’s first scene is the most important of the scene.

The movie is hard-hitting from the first scene to the last scene. It is a story of what extents can someone go to in order to take revenge. It is a story of impulsive mistakes, cold blooded murders. Varun Dhawan is absolutely esceptional in the movie. His pain, anger and intensity will sear your heart through and through.

Each character in the movie comes with a moral to the story. It is the first movie where I have seen the criminal who destroys the victim’s life giving the victim a new lease of life at the end of the movie.

I won’t give you a synopsis of the movie because the movie must be seen and even the smallest hint of the story will be a spoiler. Hence, this is the shortest movie ever.

Please do go and watch the movie, you will come out raving about it.


4 Replies to “Badlapur – Don’t Miss The Beginning”

  1. Yes.. movie is very good. Made in a different way. I agree about the start. I really like the end as well and in last 1 minute, villain of the movie becomes the hero. Great performances by all. Nawazuddin steals the show. Every time he comes on screen, movie just pick speed. Brilliant!

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