Tea Center, Mumbai

I am an Indian and I love my tea. My morning starts with tea and sometimes ends with it too. I can have tea at anytime of the day. It is my companion in happiness, sadness, excitement, stress, for cooling off after a fight or after a client has driven me to the edge. My cup of tea is what I can’t do without most.

I have been in Mumbai for many years but had never heard of this place, until one day I was roaming around in Churchgate and saw this sign outside a cafe – the sign said Tea Center.


Being a tea lover, I was intrigued. But I was running short of time, so I went on without stopping. So this time, when I went to Kalaghoda festival, I knew I would feel incomplete unless I ended my dayΒ with a visit to the Tea Center. So here I was exhausted and dusty after roaming around Kalaghoda in the afternoon heat. It was about 6 p.m, the perfect time for a refreshing cuppa tea. I have two friends who absolutely love this place and come here a lot. It is the only tea shop where you will have to wait to get a table and be served tea, it is that popular. But you will find the wait totally worth it.

I had heard a lot of praises for the Hot Buttered Apple Tea at this place and I decided to try it out. And was it simply the most sinfully delicious tea I have ever tasted. It has a lingering rich buttery taste enveloped by the fruity freshness of apple. I am in love with it.



I paired it with Lemon Tart and this was the most perfect Tea I have ever had. The tangy sweetness of the Lemon Tarts was the perfect accompaniment to the rich flavour of Hot Buttered Apple Tea, This will have your mouth watering. It is even more delicious than it looks.


Now, I want to try their Banana Caramel Tea, Glasier Mint Tea, Almond Tea, Irish Tea, Rose Tea -ohh the list is endless. I wish I was staying near it. I would be at the Tea Centre everyday. My dream is to spend an entire day there and try all the Tea flavours I want to. I am sure I’ll spend a day like that soon at the Tea Centre. Ohh, did I mention that it is managed by the Government? There are some things that our Government gets right, The Tea Center is one of them.

© Arti Deshpande


6 Replies to “Tea Center, Mumbai”

  1. I love Tea Centre, too! I imagine that it must remind some people of the 70s, when incandescent bulb were common, and people were not into Fast Food, yet. I love this place for its simplicity, and of course, for the love of tea. The make awesome Earl Greys (my favorite variety), but indeed, Hot Buttered Apple Tea they serve is the most delicious tea I have ever sipped! You should also try their scones, their Chicken Roulade, their Bruschetta, and their Chilli Cheese Toast.

    The only thing I don’t like here is the straight-faced staff, and the unclean tablecloths and upholstery. But the tea often makes me forget these small issues.

    I make it a point to visit their adjoining store to refill my stock of “High Elevation Darjeeling Tea” (GFOP variety). You should try it too… The taste is slightly mild, but one feels a slight tinge on the tongue. The aftertaste is simply mind-blowing, not to mention the aroma!

    Check for more Tearoom reviews here: https://foursquare.com/lumographer#subjectId=4bf58dd8d48988d1dc931735

    1. Thanks, Salman for reading and appreciating my blog πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely try your recommendations. And yes I agree with you on the points mentioned.

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