Chris Kyle – Legend

I am always up for an English movie whenever I get a chance to see it in a movie hall. So, on Wednesday, when my friends said that they were going to see a movie called American Sniper, I simply said I would go too. I had never heard of the movie before that day as I had been really busy and not paid attention to the recent and new releases in movie halls.

We made the plans for the movie three days in advance and it was only when I was leaving for the movie that I got a little time to check what the story was about. That’s when I first heard the name of Chris Kyle, Legend. I thought that the storyline sounded interesting and would be a good watch and I am getting to watch it with friends. That’s all that I thought. Boy, was I wrong!

The movie will shake you to the core, touch your heart like you never imagined. It will fill your heart with the utmost respect and awe for these men who go into war-torn areas so that we can live peacefully in our happy lives. You will feel their pain, shiver with tears in your eyes and fall in love with each of them.

Chris Kyle is a Texan cowboy who is an amazing shooter. His father taught him to shoot with a rifle when he was a young boy. Years, later, he sees a news coverage of the bombings on the U.S Embassy in 1998. He enlists in the U.S Navy and is accepted for SEAL(Sea, Air, Land Teams) Training. He becomes a US Navy Seal Sniper.

Kyle gets married to Taya Renae and immediately after, he is sent to Iraq after the September 11 attacks on USA. The first person he shoots is a small boy who is running towards his troops with a grenade in his hand. The experience upsets him emotionally. However, he earns the nickname ‘Legend’ for his many kills. He kills 255 people, 165 are officially confirmed by the Department of Defense. He returns to his wife and two children after the war is over. But, he has difficulty forgetting his wartime experiences and starts withdrawing to himself and stops communicating with Taya also, with whom he has a warm and a loving relationship.

He had been four tours to Iraq, coming back to his wife in between the tours. At the end of the last tour, he returns for good. He is taken by Taya to a Veteran Affairs psychiatrist who is perturbed by the change in him. He tells the psychiatrist that he is haunted by all the guys he couldn’t save.

The pyschiatrist gets him on the path to helping other war veterans who had a more tragic experience while on duty. He teaches them shooting and spends time with them. Soon, he starts returning to normal. And then the movie has a sudden tragic end.

This movie is a 100% worth watch. I loved every bit of it and you will too.Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller are exceptional as Chris Kyle and Taya Renae.

The real Chris Kyle


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Chris Kyle with his wife

Chris Kyle and Wife

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Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in American Sniper


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