Sachai mein ek alag hi chain hota hai!

I saw the new Kinley TVC where a young girl goes off to Lonavla without telling her parents who think she is studying at a friend’s place. The girl starts feeling guilty when she reaches Lonavla and is not able to enjoy herself. Eventually, not being able to control herself, she calls up her father and confesses to him that she had lied to him that she is studying at a friend’s place and she is actually in Lonavla. When her father sternly asks her, ” Why are you telling me now?” She says that she was unable to have fun as she had lied to him. The father is touched and forgives her on the spot.

Watch the TVC here:

This TVC took me back to my childhood days. My parents were very strict and would take a lot of care to know where I was going and with whom and for how long. Many times, they would deny permission to me outright and I would be very angry. Even when I turned 18, they were strict with me. We were living in the north east, so they would worry even more. They wouldn’t allow me to go out after dark.

I was the rebellious kid and the restrictions would annoy me a lot. It would lead to big fights in the house, especially between my mom and myself as my dad would smartly leave the disciplining to her. One day, it happened that my friends were going to Shillong Peak, my favourite spot. I really wanted to go. Mom refused as my friends were going in the evening and it would be dark by the time they returned. My parents then went out for some work.

I was very upset and very keen on going. I knew my parents would take quite a lot of time to come back home. I decided to go with my friends. i left with my friends in the car. We had a lot of fun and I came back home before my parents returned. But, I was feeling guilty as my parents were very affectionate, just very concerned about me.

When they came back home, I was feeling very uncomfortable. They didn’t sense anything amiss and were normal with me. We sat down to have dinner together. I was normal from outside and feeling guilty from inside. Eventually, I gathered all my courage and told my parents that I had gone to Shillong Peak with my friends. There was absolute silence at the table. Then suddenly to my surprise, my dad burst out laughing. It really broke the ice between us. We had a long talk and arrived at an understanding with each other.

I resolved to never ever lie to my parents again and always talk it out with my them and only go out when they would be comfortable with it. As soon as I decided this, my parents were far more understanding and relaxed the rules a lot for me.


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