Movies I Will Always Love!

We all have those movies that we can watch again and again. I also have my list of movies that I never get tired of watching. Here they are:


Many people I know find the movie very long and lose interest in between. But, I love ever part of the movie. From the challenge to the villagers learning cricket to Bhuvan and Radha’s romance to Elizabeth’s untold love for Bhuvan to the victory, I simply love every bit of it. I can watch this movie any number of times.


3 Idiots

The story of three engineering students – one a genius, second loves engineering but is worried about his marks all the time and the third who has been forced into this field by over-ambitious parents – is a story that I will always love to watch again and again. It is a movie which raises very pertinent questions about our education system, social system and questions all our pre-conceived notions and makes you have fun while doing that.


Rang De Basanti

Five young men who live life just like any other youngsters do, drinking, loving and living every moment to the fullest. A young woman from England comes to India to make a documentary about Indian freedom fighters based on her grandfather’s diary and the five men find myself them acting in it. They find themselves in the bargain and then life takes a tragic turn and makes them rise up and act against the system and corruption. A movie that is a must watch for every  Indian and a movie I will see again and again forever.


Dil Chahta Hai

The journey through life of three friends, discovering love and understanding and the experiences that shape them and help them grow up and understand what really matters in life.


A NASA scientist, Mohan Bhargava, returns to India to look for Kaveri Amma who brought him up. He wants to take Kaveri Amma back with him to America. He ends up rediscovering his roots and feels compelled to return to his homeland. This is one of Shahrukh Khan’s finest performances.

Kaagaz Ke Phool

This is the story of a film director Suresh(Guru Dutt) whose marriage is on the rocks and ends in divorce. He is prohibited from meeting his daughter. He meets Shanti(Waheeda Rehman) and lends her coat. When she comes to his film studio to return his coat and disrupts the shooting, he realizes her potential as an actress. He casts her in her film and Shanti becomes a big star. A memorable love affair starts between Suresh and Shanti. This movie is a must watch for every movie lover. Who can forget the beautiful song, Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam?

Kaagaz Ke Phool


Based on R.K Narayan’s book The Guide, this movie is truly a classic of all times. The love story of Raju the Guide(Dev Anand) and Rosie(Waheeda Rehman), the daughter of a courtesan and the wife of a rich man is one of the best love stories of Indian cinema. They separate due to a lot of misunderstandings and meet again in the end when Rosie sees him as a priest, greatly loved and respected by people and he dies in her arms, feeling at home again. I totally love this movie.



Anand, a terminally ill man, teaches a bitter against life doctor how to live life to the fullest. Truly one of the best performances of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. My favourite song from the movie – Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli.



A girl gets jilted just before marriage. She decides to set out on her honeymoon alone to Paris and Amsterdam. It is the journey of opening up, losing her inhibitions and self discovery of a girl and loving herself for who she is. It’s a movie I identify with.


Chak De India!

A muslim hockey player is branded as a traitor after his team loses his match due to his missing a goal. He vanishes into oblivion till he resurfaces when he is hired to coach the Indian Women’s hockey team. How he raises a team of champions and gets his dignity back is the baseline of the movie. It also shows the strength of women, their capability to touch the skies. An all-time favourite of mine.

Munnabhai Series

Another movie with a lighthearted touch that teaches you very important lessons in life. I love Lago Raho Munnabhai especially,



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