Amsterdam – The City of my Dreams

I totally love travelling. It’s like my lifeblood. If I don’t travel to someplace after 6-7 months, I start getting restless, irritated and distracted. If I am strapped for a time, even a weekend trip is enough for the time being. I have visited different countries too. The city I have loved the most and still love the most is Amsterdam. I could happily settle there for a lifetime.


My fascination with Amsterdam started when I read The Diary of Anne Frank. MY heart went out to her story and I wanted to see the place where she had hidden and spent those torturous years. It was turned into a museum after her father released her diary as a book.

Entrance to the Anne Frank Museum


The Anne Frank Museum is the Secret Annexe where they hid from the Nazis. Her house where they had lived a beautiful and comfortable life was very close to the annexe.

Anne Frank’s actual House(the green door)


The main mode of transport in Amsterdam is the river that flows through it. Very few people use the road and that gives us nice empty roads to stroll on.


The houses and the river are so scenic, you can never tire of the view. This was a view from our hotel.

Herengracht Canal infront of our Restaurant

Statue of Anne Frank outside her house


Madame Tussaud, Amsterdam


Anne Frank’s Wax Statue in Madame Tussaud


Lady Diana


Mahatma Gandhi


Lady Diana and I


The Windmill at Amsterdam


The river in Amsterdam at night


For a lot of people, the cycle is also the main mode of transport. There are separate cycle paths in Amsterdam,



There is a very famous Diamond company in Amsterdam – Coster Diamonds. The tour of their factory is absolutely amazing.


Amsterdam is very scenic and beautiful. It is a very chilled out place – the perfect place to destress.


Many people have built their homes right on top of the river. They live in the middle of the river. How awesome. I wish I could do that.


I really long to go back and I am sure I will one day.


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