My thoughts about my past life!

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I have always been intrigued by past life and what might have been in it. When I hear of cases of people saying that they remember their past life and go back to their birth place from previous lives and relive their experiences, I get very intrigued and follow the story with a lot of interest.

Do you ever go to any place for the first time and feel like you have seen it earlier or meet someone for the first time and you feel astonishingly close to them? I do believe that past lives do exist and I am totally curious about who I must have been in my past life, after reading Indiblogger’s latest topic  #IntuitionofMyPastLife on whom you think you might have been in your past life.

It set me thinking. I have always been intrigued by past life, but I never thought about who I might have been. In this life, I am the kind of person who speaks her mind without any fear, doesn’t mind challenging someone who is doing or saying something that is morally and ethically wrong. I can never see anything wrong happening and walk away quietly  from the scene. I know that it will keep haunting my mind forever that I kept quiet then. I also can’t see injustice happening.

Hence, I feel I must have been a social reformer and a feminist in my past life who must have fought against injustice and equality for women. There is another intriguing thought that I have always had, though I have never mentioned it to anyone. My dadi(father’s mother) went into a coma before I was born and died when I was 3 months old. She was a freedom fighter and had worked with Mahatma Gandhi. I somehow feel that some of her spirit has entered me and made me the brave, strong woman that I am.

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