Lufthansa A380 – The dawn of a new era in Indian Aviation

I love the feeling of being in the air, amidst clouds floating around like soft cotton wool, looking at the earth from the sky, seeing huge seas passing by from the top is an experience that should not be missed. I love all of this and even more about flying. I would forget my fear of heights in a plane and look down and around and enjoy the sights like a kid who is seeing different facets of the world for the first time.

But there was always something that lent a slightly bitter touch to my near perfect experience in a plane. You see, I am tall – 5 feet 8 inches. When I would sit in my seat, I would just keep hoping that the passenger in front of me wouldn’t decide to recline his/her seat to the back. I couldn’t do the same because I start feeling nauseous the moment I recline my seat to the back. Hence I have to keep my chair in a straight aligned position. So, what did it mean for me to be seated behind someone who wanted to recline his/her chair back – less leg space. I would be sitting with my knees cramped against the back of the seat and have a totally uncomfortable journey. This would be even worse, if it was a long flight like say 7-8 hours.

Now, there seems to be a relief in store for people like me who face the same problem. A new era has dawned in the world of Indian Aviation with the launch of #LufthansaA380 – the largest commercial aircraft in history.

Many people in India still prefer a train ride over a flight because the former is more comfortable. However, the increasing workload and tight schedules force people to take flights though the lack of space makes them very uncomfortable. #LufthansaA380 has designed the seats keeping this in mind. They have created narrow seat backs which make you feel like you have your own personal sense of space with no intrusions. The narrow back seats definitely don’t mean an uncomfortable seat. Internationally renowned designers and ergonomics experts have joined up with leading manufacturers to create the perfect seat. The optimized seat structure provides a comfortable amount of leg room, a boon for a tall person like me.

The other problems that Indians face while travelling on a plane is a complete lack of entertainment. It can be very boring, especially in long flights. With Lufthansa Media world, you will have access to 50 programs with films available in upto eight language versions, 30 international radio channels and 100 CD’s featuring different types of music. There is entertainment for fidgety kids too with KidsFun, a program created with the young passengers in mind.

Right now, #LufthansaA380 is plying only between Delhi and Frankfurt, but I hope to see it serving all major Indian cities too soon.

Take a look at the excitement on Delhi’s IGI Airport while preparing for the inaugural flight of the Lufthansa A380,

You can visit the Lufthansa India website for more information:


2 Replies to “Lufthansa A380 – The dawn of a new era in Indian Aviation”

  1. On a plane with a narrow seat pitch, I remove all the literature from the fore seat’s back.

    Even less comfortable than the narrow seat pitches are the shrinking seat widths. Twenty years ago, 19” seats were the standard. Today, I often come across 17” seats. My now wider, less flexible aged 30s body coupled with reduced seat space make flying feel not as pleasant as it used to be.

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