Five Point Nothing

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Today, Indian authors are gradually on the rise and some of them are really talented and some just rise on hype. Chetan Bhagat belongs to the second category. He can’t even be called ordinary, he is just a mediocre writer. Be it One Night at the Call Centre, Five Point Someone or Revolution 2020, I haven’t read any books that could be more dull.

The only book that is slightly appealing is 2 States and that could be only because it is a true story. I didn’t even try reading Half Girlfriend. There are so many Indian authors who are extremely talented, but don’t get their just due. And we unnecessarily hype someone who has no appeal as an author.

I am an avid reader since childhood. I have read all types of genres of books and authors. According to me, a good writer is someone who touches a chord in your heart, whether through humour or tragedy. An author should write in a way that it is difficult to keep the book down.

Things have changed a lot in India and it is becoming a lot easier for authors to gain popularity, but we need to be careful whom we put up on a pedestal. Chetan Bhagat is surely not someone who deserves that ranking. Five Point Someone is a very dull story and it is only because Aamir Khan made a masterpiece out of it with 3 Idiots that people made an effort to read the story. Instead of being grateful, Chetan Bhagat gets into a war against Aamir Khan about not getting just dues, inspite of his name being in the credits.

His books are getting worse and worse day by day and I am only wondering how much more boring can he get.


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  1. Hmm… I have read two of his books – Rev20-20 and 2 States. It was like watching a Bollywood movie. Never tried afterwards. Yes he is not in same league but is he write that boring stuff Arti? Atleast I haven’t experienced the boring part while reading, however you can say it was not that engaging like other books (for e.g. Shiva Trilogy or The Kite Runner..)
    Also Arti, don’t you think it is injustice to other, when we say Amir khan made the masterpiece of 3-idiots. In the end, he was a part of the movie like others.

  2. I have read 2 of his books….5 point someone and 3 mistakes of my life…and liked both….
    I think you are correct in saying that his books are overrated.
    But I differ here that he got his dues for 3 idiots….what I remember is his name is only displayed at the end and what I think is nobody stays in a theatre to watch the casting at the end of the movie…..

    1. You could be right there that he did not get his just due for 3 idiots. But there are so many talented authors who are ignored and he is put up on a pedestal while not deserving it.

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