A Few Days Without Gadgets

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We wake up in the morning to the sound of the alarm, not from the clock, but from our mobile phones. As soon as wake up, even before getting out of bed – we check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, E-mail( for me in this order). Then, we get up and say a good morning to our family. While eating breakfast, we are back on the phone or the laptop this time. I am completely hooked to my phone and am continuously on the Internet on my phone. So, it is a bit difficult for me to try and stay away from it.

But, there are times when I will completely switch off from the cyberworld. One such time is when I am sick and the other time is when I am on a vacation. I will still do my check-ins to the interesting places. Other than that, I will enjoy the peace and beautiful scenery around and just keep my phone inside my bag and forget about it. I never carry my laptop on vacations.

The one time that I completely forgot about my smartphone was on the Kerala Backwaters cruise. We spent the night on the cruise. It was so peaceful, serene and lovely all around that I was completely immersed in that moment. Even in the night, my phone was kept somewhere and I fell asleep to the sound of water lapping against our boat with no noisy TV, no internet connectivity.

Apart from that, I am trying to have even one whole day when I don’t look at my phone, don’t use my laptop and stay away from the Internet. So far, I have been unsuccessful. I hope that I succeed sometime in the not very far future.


5 Replies to “A Few Days Without Gadgets”

  1. not so difficult…i did for 10 days….no gadgets…. no books….even not talking to ny1….full time meditation course… n experience ws beyond the words

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