Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die

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All of us have unfulfilled dreams, unrequited passions and desires in our hearts. I am a very imaginative person and I never curb it because dreams are only fulfilled by those who dream.

So here is my #LifeDeathBucketList for Indiblogger’s latest Indispire topic.

1) Travel to each and every corner of the world, preferably alone and if I have someone with me, it should be someone who has the same thirst for travel that I  have.

2) Write a book – It will be part autobiography, part fiction. I will write a simple and a touching story which will touch the reader’s heart and make them want to read it again and again.

3) Open a Cafe cum Book Shop: It will be one of those sunny and cheerful places where people feel rested and comfortable, not feel like they are being rushed to leave and empty the space for the next customer.

4) Adopt a child: A longtime dream of mine is to adopt a homeless child who doesn’t have parents to love her – yes, she will definitely be a girl.

5) Find true love – a person who will accept me with my mood swings, independent nature and need for lots and lots of space in a relationship.

6) I want to reach a stage where I support my parents financially without them having to spend a penny.

7) Take my parents on a world tour.

8) I give a lot of value to education, so I want to do my M.A and Ph.D in English Literature – right now, time is a constraint. But, definitely sometime in the future.

9) I have a picture of my dream house in my mind – I will build that one day and it will definitely be next to the sea or mountains where I will spend my retirement years.

10) The dream closest to my heart – Go to Shillong and stay there for a few years again. I stayed in Shillong for a few years when dad was posted there and for me if there is heaven on earth anywhere, it is Shillong.


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