The five books that really influenced me as a person

The love for reading was inculcated in me from childhood by my parents and that love still continues today. There are some books that influence you and stay with you all your life. For me, those books are as follows(these books are in chronological order starting from my childhood):

1) Beauty and the Beast


It is a simple and sweet story. But it has a powerful moral behind it – Never judge anyone by their outer appearance, rather look at their inner beauty and love them for it.

2) The Little Prince


The story of the innocent prince from another planet who looks at things from his own perspective is very unique and refreshing. The book actually brings out the honest hearts of little children and how they see things as they are and when asked what the thing is will actually name as it appears unlike grownups who will agree with everyone around even if they are wrong. This book is a must read for people of all ages. It encourages us to believe in what we see rather than what the world wants us to see.

3) Little Women


This book is a must read for any girl entering her teens and will remain her faithful friend and companion all her life. The story of four sisters who face all kinds of trials and tribulations in life and find their destiny at the end will definitely touch your heart and will guide you through life’s troubles.

4) Love Story


I doubt there would be any book lover who has not read this beautiful novel. Oliver and Jenny’s love story captured my mind and heart forever. I have not read or seen a more beautiful love story. It is romantic, funny with a tragic end which will have you crying and yet, your belief in true love will be reinforced.

5) The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter

I was a late entrant to the Harry Potter world. I finished reading the last book only in the year that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 released. My cousin sister was a die-hard Harry Potter fan who asked me to send the latest book to her as soon as it was released(she lived in Amravati where the books would reach very late). I would buy the books and send them to her, never reading them myself.
She kept nagging at me to read them till finally I gave in and started reading them four years back. With the first book, I was hooked. The Boy Who Lived started living in my heart like countless other Potterheads. He has created his own cult – I believe the largest today.
The Harry Potter books teach you the importance of truly valuable things – friendship, love, courage, bravery, loyalty, not letting go of your values and honest nature when faced with tempting situations. All Life lessons are in the covers of those seven books. If you are not hooked onto Harry Potter, pick up the first book and you will be hooked forever.


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