Singham Returns

Singham Returns continues the story of a cop’s fight against corruption and the system. BajiRao Singham is now posted to Mumbai. Guruji, who was his mentor in school, is making his own chosen candidates stand in the upcoming elections. He is trying to bring about a change in the political system by bringing in young people who are chosen because of their abilities and not because of whom they know. Because of this move, he has become a serious threat to his opponents and his life in danger. On the other hand, Bajirao’s most reliable constable is found dead under mysterious circumstances with an ambulance full of money. 

    While suspicions of the constable’s being corrupt are circulating, Singham is sure of his honesty and loyalty. He vows to the constable’s wife and mother that he will prove his innocence. One day, Guruji is travelling to Delhi and has Singham as his police escort. On the way to the airport, they are attacked by hitmen and in the shooting, Guruji gets killed. The man behind both the killings is Satyaraj Chandra a.k.a Baba, a corrupt man who has people fooled with his holy attire and religious talks and is assisted by Prakash Rao, his assistant. He is now on Singham’s hitlist. The story is about how Singham unravels the plot and reveals Baba’s real face. 

The good points of the movie are showing how a mentally strong officer can also weaken and make wrong judgements. Singham comes to know that Prakash Rao has paid some people to influence the upcoming elections. At this point, he is at a complete level of frustration because he is losing against the system and is not able to find evidence against Baba. THe constable’s wife is going to lose her house as her husband has been declared as corrupt and hence can get no assistance from the government.

He reaches the place where those people are and without thinking starts hitting those boys who have been paid with his stick. Suddenly, a woman comes forward and starts abusing Singham. She is the boy’s mother whom Singham had been hitting. She openly admits that they have taken money from Prakash Rao. She says it doesn’t matter to her who runs the country for the next five years, but it does matter to her that she will have money for medicines and food for the next 5 days – a simple statement that shows the condition of the poor in our country. She accuses him of targetting helpless people and challenges him to hit Prakash Rao with the same stick if he has guts. Singham is speechless and realises she is right.

The movie hits you hard in many places. Though Ajay Devgan has acted really well, his acting still is a little over-dramatic in places. For me, that killed the effect in many scenes. He has very intense eyes. He could have used them to portray the emotionally charged scenes instead of the hand movements which looked artificial.

Other than that, the movie is very well made and worth watching.


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