Making Others Smile!


Indiblogger’s latest topic in Indispire is about what I might have done that was good for others and brought a smile to their face. This set me thinking and I was trying to remember what I could have done. Then I got my answer. 

     When I had my heart broken, somehow I became very perceptive to pain in other people. Maybe it was God’s way of helping me heal. In the initial after days after the end of my relationship, I was in too much pain. But 6-7 months later, I was a little more in control of myself and that’s when I started sensing pain in people around me. Knowing how difficult it is for people to talk about their pain, I never asked them about what they are going through. I would do small things to bring a smile on their face – share a joke, say something inspirational, give a warm hug or sometimes just listen. 

    Now, it has become a habit for me. I do this everyday. Whether it is my friends, colleagues, people I am travelling with, I always try to make them feel better about themselves and leave them a happier person. This brings me a lot of happiness, peace and keeps a smile on my face always.


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