When You Fall In Love

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You are going about your life in the normal way. You go to office, work hard all day and come back home and sleep, next morning – the same routine continues. Suddenly, one day lightning strikes. You see him/her and recognise your soulmate and a love you never ever felt before. You revel in the love of the other person. Suddenly, life becomes meaningless without them. You see your entire future with them.

     You start planning a life together. Suddenly, another lightning strikes. Your loved ones tell you – you simply can’t marry him/her. You look at your beloved and wonder what defects have your family seen in him/her. They are simply perfect. Then the magic words are uttered,” You belong to different religions and we simply can’t accept your love.” You protest,” But this is my soulmate. I don’t care if he or she follows a different God. I can’t imagine my life without him/her.” Society doesn’t care. There are strict rules laid out for whom you can love and marry. Soulmates and all that are just in movies and fantasy. While your loved ones melt a little at the thought of your happiness, Society reminds them of the unbendable rules.

      So you are left with three choices – leave your soulmate and spend your entire life as an incomplete person, end your life along with your soulmate or run away with your beloved and get married and spend your life in the fear of being killed by the very people who gave birth to you, nurtured you, nourished you all your life – all in the name of Family Honour. 

         That is how most love stories in our country end – making one of the three choices above!


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