Juvenile Rapists and the Unfair Laws Protecting Them!

16th December 2012

A young and innocent boy and girl were lured into a bus by six men in Delhi. What followed was a night of horror for the girl as she was brutally beaten and raped by the men turn by turn and her friend brutally beaten too as he tried to save her. The most brutal amongst them was a juvenile who inflicted horrors on her that we can’t even imagine. While the other five men were sentenced to death by hanging, the juvenile got away with only three years of imprisonment just because he was officially not an adult.

What kind of law is this? A girl is brutally raped by someone and he gets away only because he is not 18. If he can do such a thing when he is not even 18, can you imagine what he will do as he grows up? I can’t even begin to imagine. And if he is old enough to rape someone, he is old enough to bear the consequences. But he gets away with it and the poor girl’s parents are left feeling the pain of injustice all their life.

While I seriously believe that there should be nothing less than capital punishment for any rape case, a juvenile should have the most harsh punishment. He shouldn’t be spared just because he is a not an adult. The Indian law needs to send out a clear statement to the rapists that they can’t get away with this heinous crime.

The rapes are increasing everyday in India with no recourse by the Indian government because of their lax attitude towards rape. Because of the mass outrage over the 16th December rape case by people all over India, the government was forced to take serious and quick action against the rapists, otherwise the case would have been languishing in courts for years and years with the rapists getting fat on the taxpayers’ money in the jail.

Why aren’t we protesting and raising a hue and cry till the government is not forced to change the laws in juvenile crime? After an initial protest, we have all settled back into normal life. Till the next time a juvenile strikes again and we will be up in arms again and after we feel we have done our bit protesting, we will go back to our normal lives whether the laws are changed or not. Time to wake up and open our eyes!


7 Replies to “Juvenile Rapists and the Unfair Laws Protecting Them!”

  1. The Damini Case/Nirbhaya case, so many others, I wont call them victims, like I also mentioned in my post on the same topic. We need biting laws & sharpest claws to tackle this grave situation.
    Good wishes.

    1. Was 16th December rape case a mere complaint? Shame on you for saying this. Since you asked me this question, let me ask you one. What would you do if your daughter was brutally raped by a juvenile? Would you be at peace knowing that after 3 years, that guy would be free to rape someone else. If I have a son, I will teach him to respect women. And if he still commits such a heinous crime, I would ensure he faced the consequences.

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