Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania


Kavya lives in Ambala and belongs to a traditional Punjabi family. Her father is a strict but loving father. Kavya’s wedding is arranged with an NRI doctor. She has not met the guy but she still agrees to marry him for her father’s happiness. Her only desire is that she wants to wear a expensive designer lehenga. Her father refuses to buy it for her and tells her to get a local lehenga of Rs. 40000-50000.

She leaves for Delhi and decides to come back only when she has her designer lehenga. She decides to earn the money herself. She is staying with her Mamaji in Delhi. He is a lecturer in a college. Here is the entry of Humpty. He is not interested in studies and hence is always failing in exams. At the same time, he has promised his father that he will not cheat in exams. He has tried bribing his lecturer(Kavya’s mama) many times to pass him. On the day that Kavya comes to stay with her mama, Humpty lands up at his house and ties him up and threatens him to accept money and pass him. He is not a dangerous gunda who poses a danger to his life. The scene is shown with a funny twist. Kavya sees him threatening her mama. As she is finding ways to earn money for her lehenga, she tells him to give the money to her and she will ensure that he passes.

This is how their friendship starts. He tracks her down and befriends her. He invites her to a party and she says yes. He is attracted to her but she informs him that her marriage has been arranged. They become close friends slowly and he helps her save her friend’s marriage. He decides to give all of his savings to her for her lehenga. His two best friends and his father also pool in their savings and give it to Humpty. Humpty’s father’s biggest dream was to buy a car and he had been saving for that. Humpty gives her five lakhs for her lehenga.

On the day of her friend’s marriage, Kavya also realises her feelings for him. They spend the night with each other and he asks her if she loves him. She doesn’t answer his question but tells him her sister’s story. She tells him that her sister had fallen in love with someone and her father had opposed the match as he had not approved of the guy. Her sister still goes ahead and marries the guy. After a month, she returns home. The man had turned out to be physically abusive. Since then, her father is totally against the idea of love marriage ans Kavya doesn’t want to hurt him. Humpty’s question whether she loves him remains unanswered.

She leaves for Ambala without buying her lehenga. She uses the money given by Humpty to gift him and his father a car. Humpty receives the car after she leaves. He follows her to Ambala where she meets him in a temple. She meets him quietly and begs him to go back or her fathers and brothers will kill him. He lands up at her house pretending to represent a designer from Delhi and tells her father that he has come to deliver the lehenga she has ordered. Her father sees through his story and tells him to tell the truth. When Humpty tells him his real reason for coming, her brother and his men beat him and his friends up and put them on a truck going to Delhi.

Humpty comes back to Ambala and meets her father. Her father refuses to budge and tells him to go back. Then, Kavya begs her father to give him a chance as he really loves her and not all love marriages can end the same way. Her father meets Humpty and tells him to find one reason why the guy he has chosen is not the right guy and he will let Kavya and Humpty get married. Humpty starts staying in their house and they would meet every night at her home’s window. The guy she is going to marry is arriving the next day. Here Siddharth Shukla of Balika Vadhu makes an entry as the chosen groom, Angad. He is perfect in every way. He can cook, earns well, is calm, kind, broad-minded and sensible. Humpty tries his best to find one fault in him. Angad asks Kavya to go out to dinner with him so they can get to know each other. At the restaurant where they are dining, some guys sitting at another table start misbehaving with Kavya. Kavya gets enraged and tells Angad to do something and he tells her to ignore them.

Kavya drops a message to Humpty about what’s happening. They keep getting more and more suggestive in their comments and suddenly one of them gets up and starts walking towards their table. Kavya gets angry and gets up. Angad gets in between and tells those guys to leave. Humpty lands up and starts beating the guys up. Angad and Humpty’s friends help him. Kavya’s father brings the police and gets those guys arrested. While this had been happening, Kavya’s mother and grandmother were trying to convince Kavya’s father that Humpty is the right guy for her. When this incident happens, Kavya’s father becomes even more adamant that Humpty is not a good guy.

Humpty goes to meet her in the night but she doesn’t come. He calls out to her and there is no response. Next day is her wedding to Angad. In the morning, when Humpty wakes up, everyone is looking for Kavya and they can’t find her. Kavya’s sister confronts Humpty and asks if her has made her run away. He says no and asks her if that would be the case, why would he be here? He starts looking for her. He tries her cellphone and she picks up. She tells him where she and he goes to bring her back. She is at the station and has already boarded a train. He asks her to get down, but she refuses. She tells him to get in with her. He refuses and tries to convince her to get down. He knows she can’t live without her family. Eventually he manages to convince her. As soon as she gets down, her father lands up and slaps him. Humpty, who has been beaten up enough, loses his patience. He tells her father off that if they had wanted to run away, they would have been in the train.

Then, he has a straight talk with her father and tries to explain to him why he is the right guy for Kavya and then leaves Punjab. He tells him – Bande perfect nahi hote hai, relationships perfect hoti hai. Her father goes ahead with the wedding. When Kavya is dressed as the bride, her father asks her why she is not wearing the designer lehenga and she tells him’ Designer suit nahi kiya, mere liye local lehenga hi theek hai.” She says that she wishes she could replace the designer dulha with the local dulha.

We find Humpty drinking and crying in Delhi. Suddenly he sees Kavya’s father infront of him. He has come with the baarat and Kavya and gets them married.

You must have heard that he movie is very similiar to DDLJ in the storyline. It is very true but why I loved the movie and what makes it different from DDLJ are the following points:

1. The father is not shown as an autocrat who believes his word his law. It is a negative experience which turns him against love marriages. He understands love as he himself had a love marriage which was also an intercaste marriage. He is a lot like Humpty in every way.

2. Unlike Simran of DDLJ, The girl is not shown as the image of a traditional good girl of an Indian family. She can outdrink the guys, she wears what she wants and parties. Yet, she loves and cares for her family, doesn’t want to hurt their feelings but is not dominated and dictated on. The guy she is going to marry is not a complete stranger to her unlike in the case of Simran in DDLJ. She used to chat with him on Skype everyday.

3. Humptyhskd2 doesn’t hide his real self when trying to convince her family. He doesn’t act like holier than thou Raj of DDLJ infront of the girl’s family. Every night, he used to share a cigarette with none other than Kavya’s father. Humpty tells her father he would have acted in the same way as he did if someone misbehaved with his wife or daughter. He doesn’t ever hide the fact that he’s hot tempered or drinks and smokes, yet he shows clearly that he loves Kavya more than life and can do anything for her.

The movie is absolutely wonderful. It is funny, entertaining, very romantic and a must watch.


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