Dreams and Passion In India

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In the generation that I was born in, there were only two careers that were considered respectable - Engineer or Doctor. It was considered unimaginable to choose any other career option - especially for the middle class. I was a good student but not very keen on studies. I never aspired to be top of the class, I scored my first class and was happy with that(I am not boasting, even then anything less than 80-90% was considered disgraceful). Thankfully, I was brought up by parents who didn't give any importance to marks that I scored as long as I didn't fail. My father himself is a very unconventional man who had got admission into IIT but chose to join the army. He taught me to think intelligently and logically. Everyone around me used to ask me only one thing - doctor banogi ya engineer? But my heart and mind was elsewhere - I wanted to be a journalist. I didn't become a journalist but am in the media field, so am happy. Even with my parents' broad mind, when it came to choosing my stream after finishing my tenth standard, my mother was dead against me taking Arts. She wanted me to take Commerce as she didn't feel Arts had as much scope as Commerce. My counsellor at school told my mother that I had an aptitude for both Arts and Commerce. So, she was hell bent on convincing me to take Commerce. I was as adamant that I would take Arts as English, History and Political Science were my favourite subjects. Eventually, I succeeded and got to take Arts. I sincerely feel that my generation was far more rebellious than today's generation. They are scared of following dreams, taking risks, they prefer following the conventional path, even though today people are far more open minded and accepting. Unless you are following your true dream or passion, you can never be truly happy. People count in success in how big your car is how big your house is, what your bank balance is. Success is much more that. Success is getting up every morning, feeling excited about your day ahead, putting your 100% into your work, doing work that makes you feel worthy and confident. This can only happen if you are truly following your dream. So, don't be scared of taking risks. Life only happens once, you should live it to the fullest. To me, success has a very personal connotation. I don't know how many of you will relate to this emotion of mine to success. To me, success is when my nieces ask me for something and I never have to refuse them due to shortage of cash. I can fulfill their wishes and desires without worrying.


18 Replies to “Dreams and Passion In India”

  1. I think, we are all designed to do certain things, than others. That’s why this forced engineering/doctor thing doesn’t work in all cases. I know many people who study something and then work on something totally different. It’s high time parents realized it. You seem to be relatively lucky that you were allowed to take arts!
    Destination Infinity

  2. Well put. The tenacity to take risks for the things we love to do is the most simple and complex thing. You have to be passionate about what you do otherwise you were never meant for it. I read a poem in my graduation “The road not Taken” by Robert Frost and true to walk a new road you have to be very determined to clear the foliage and weed

  3. Your definition of success is beautiful my dear, I chose commerce even though people brain washed me that ‘science ‘ was the best. I am thankful to my parents as my parents where exactly like yours, they never worried about my marks πŸ™‚ I did try once taking up work where I got up in the mornings and wailed at being monday but later realised and I am happy that Now I have chosen the path of my dreams just like you..

    1. Thank you Najm Nisa. I am glad we got such understanding parents. I am doing a job in my area of interest and have to get up on Mondays. Someday I hope to be an independent writer πŸ™‚

  4. I could so identify with your post Arti! I had a similar story — wanted to be a journalist, rebelled against mum who wanted me to do Science {or at least commerce!} and did what I wanted to do. Good on you for sticking to your guns and following your dreams!

  5. Hahahahahaa…Fighting to take Arts. (The so-called outdated stream) …I understand what has happened to you when I fought for Fine Arts and ended being an engineer πŸ˜›

    1. Thank you, Anmol. You are right. The teenagers and young people are afraid to follow their dreams, then spend their lives blaming their parents.

  6. I think we indian are hardworking people. We always are worried abt getting a good degree and a decent job. We are ambitious and always keep working hard for a better life..thats a good thing.
    Sometimes we dont follow our passion..sometimes we do..
    But honestly we as Indians are better off than any other western confused kids !

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