Is Religion Over-Rated?


When a baby is born, he/she is an innocent human who has no concept of what religion is. Even when the kid is growing up, they connect with people on the way they feel when they are with that person. They have no idea of religion, culture, creed, skin colour, social standing. It is when they see the people around them(starting with the family) discriminating against others on the basis of the trivial things like religion, skin colour, social standing that they start following their example. Noone is born discriminating against people.

Children are very impressionable people, hence they shouldn’t have any kind of religious education in school or at home. If they read about some evil things done by any person belonging to a specific religion, they will grow up thinking that all people belonging to that religion are of the same nature. We should teach children about all religions and leave it to them to choose the religion they want to follow. That’s the best way to create religious tolerance and unity amongst people.

When we want to marry someone, we are forced to think about religion, sub-religion, caste and creed and what not. We forget to look at the nature of the person, whether we feel happy with them or not, in short the truly important things.

Then there are religions that proclaim their God as the one true God. That is the most offensive thing ever. It says that people following other Gods are sinners, non-believers, hurting a lot of sentiments.

We should not give so much importance to religion. Let us judge people on the basis of their deeds, their nature, the way they treat people and not something which is a completely personal choice.

This post is written for IndiBlogger’s topic ‘Is religion over-rated? what is your take?’


2 Replies to “Is Religion Over-Rated?”

  1. Religions are created by man. If we see something that we cannot live without, we create a replica and start associating with it. It becomes a religion. Religion can be diverse depending upon our choice and our liking. If too many people follow what I follow, then we create norms to become uniform. It eventually becomes social practice if my religion becomes very popular.

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