A Letter to Mr. Modi

Dear Mr. Modi,

For several months before the election, I was in a constant fight with people I know, my near and dear ones about how I didn’t see you as the right candidate for the Prime Minister’s seat. I was called a pessimist, an AAPtard, a traitor of the country and what not. It came very close to many relationships being destroyed where both and the opposite party and I would back off, the only thing saving the relationship was that we mattered to each other. You won the elections and became the Prime Minister much to the distress of me and many like me, while the people I had been fighting were rejoicing. They were sure ‘Achche Din Aa Gaye”. Slowly, the days passed and I didn’t see anything happening to make a positive difference. You appointed Smriti Irani as Education Minister, though she isn’t even a graduate. I opposed the move and was called all sorts of names from a snob to someone who thought too much of herself. Chalo, fair enough – you thought she was the right candidate for heading the Education Ministry. Can I ask you a question? Why is Graduation the minimum qualification for people reporting to her? Let them be 10th pass or 12th pass. They can also be capable enough without being graduates, right?

Since you have come to power, I have only seen issues that are non-issues being discussed, Hindutva, Hindi language to be enforced everywhere and Hindi language in social media. Delhi, the capital of India was reeling under power cuts. And when we pointed this out, we were told by Modi supporters that he is looking for permanent measures, not temporary solutions. I would love to know what those permanent measures are. You were off on a friendly meet with Bhutan. Foreign relations are important, but weren’t there were important issues that were facing our country? The frequency of rapes are increasing everyday and I see no action being taken. I know results will not be immediate. But I see you and your ministers concentrating more on issues like Hindi language and how you can increase the prices. How about making changes in laws to prevent crimes? Isn’t that more important than an international relationship? A railway fire hike of 14.2% was announced yesterday, auto and taxi fares are going to be increased soon, diesel prices are going to be hiked. Are these the Achche Din that my near and dear ones were fighting with me for? At every step, we have Autorickshaw drivers harassing passengers – refusal to drive short distances, rash driving, misbehaviour with passengers, overcharging. Have you taken a look at the number of complaints lying with the RTO’s? I am sure even the RTOs don’t look at the complaints, After all, on a daily basis, I see them turning a blind eye to the antics of Auto and taxi drivers with my own eyes. I have seen them turning a blind eye when a pregnant woman asked them for help getting a rickshaw when all rickshaw drivers were refusing her. The police officer just looked through her like he had not even heard her. In the last five years, rickshaw fares have almost tripled. But has the service improved? No ji. The rickshawwallas still harass and trouble passengers as much. Why will we feel that they deserve a fare hike?

While you ran for the elections, you said you will rectify all the errors made by the previous parties in power. When you came into power, any mistake happened and you looked for a scapegoat. When the power cuts in Delhi happened, you blamed Arvind Kejriwal for insitigating the people to not pay the electricity bills. Now, when the railway prices are hiked, your supporters are informing me that this bill was already passed by Congress long back and is only being implemented now. If I heard you right, you came into power to bring about a change in the way things are done earlier. You could have stopped the hike. Seeing the conditions of Indian Railways, why would I want to pay even what I am paying now, forget more? In an era when people are preferring to travel by air more and more, even economically it seems a very wrong decision to me. Now, even when there were no summer holidays, I couldn’t get train tickets one month in advance. Then, I opted for air travel. You want to make profits for Indian railways? How about making sure that tickets are not purchased by agents in bulk and sold at higher rates? Because there can be no other reason for tickets not being available one month in advance. I see the people close to me who are supporting you either squirming from inside but putting up a brave front and still believing that Achche din aayenge or they are justifying your actions with silly excuses. Soon their excuses will run out, soon they will no longer be able to turn a blind eye and I will have to see them losing hope in front of my eyes. At that time, will I feel happy that I was proven right? No, I will see people I care about losing hope on one side and I will see the downfall of my country on the other side.

A Disgruntled Citizen


2 Replies to “A Letter to Mr. Modi”

  1. I agree.
    Just what I have been thinking all along.
    Blamed for not supporting for the “GOOD”.
    And what you have pointed out at the end; I hope that I will never have to feel that way.
    But somewhere at the back of my mind there is a fear building up!

    1. Yes I know Sagar. He is doing everything that he was blaming the previous government for and had vowed to change when he came into power.

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