Geethanjali Videos – Animated Educational Videos for Kids

Education of children is a task that always has parents worried and concerned that they should gain knowledge and learn the things required as per their age. Your child will start school one day, but the basic groundwork for learning is always laid at home. Children have minds that absorb knowledge like a sponge. If we start teaching them the basics at home, they will have an advantage when they start school. However, we need to teach them in a fun and interactive way to keep their attention from wavering as they have a very short attention span and are easily distracted.

Geethanjali is a production house based in Chennai, South India.  They produce special interest videos in many different categories like Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Spiritualism, learning musical instruments. They have launched a YouTube channel with educational and animated content especially for kids. Their animated content library is very large and extensive, the kind you will not see anywhere. The Animation playlist includes Fairy Tales, Aesop’s Fables, Moral Stories – Animated Stories for Children, Tales of Humour. The video quality is very clear and the animation is very pleasing to the eye. Take a look at one of the stories.

The educational content for kids is equally extensive and the videos are fun, interactive and pleasant for a kid to watch. The educational videos include learning numbers, learning to tell the time, identification of colors, animals and many more playlists. Kids will be totally spoilt for choice here.  View one of the videos on teaching children to learn how to tell the time:

Kids nowadays love Karaoke even more than us adults do. Geethanjali Videos has a special playlist in their YouTube channel for Nursery Rhymes Karaoke.  For each karaoke video, an animation has been created on the basis of the words of the nursery rhyme and the children can sing along with it. Could there be a better way to learn nursery rhymes? View one of the Nursery Rhymes Karaoke videos here:

While the traditional methods of reading from a book are good practices, children learn better from visually appealing, interactive and animated content. Most of the schools today are digitally equipped. These videos are designed in a way that they can also be used in schools to teach the children. Subscribe to Geethanjali Videos and don’t miss out any of the interesting content for children. Click here:


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