In today’s times, it is completely regressive to even discuss the topic of whether a girl’s virginity is important when choosing her as your life partner. I think we are way beyond those times when we should even discuss such things. Why marriages are failing so much nowadays is mostly because men are still stuck to the age old fundas that they have of women – how they should not have dated anyone, how they should have not lived separately from their parents because that raises a finger on their character, it is still believed that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and any woman who expects to marry should be a diva in the kitchen and yes, how did we forget – she should still be earning a five figure salary and yes, be a VIRGIN. Not being a virgin immediately classifies her as a slut and a used item. Sounds horrible? But isn’t that how men talk of a woman who doesn’t hide the fact that she is not a virgin. No matter that they may have slept with so many women to prove their manhood, not even thinking once of what happened to those women once they dumped them. They must be getting judged by another MCP just like them on how she is not a virgin and a slut.

Today, we women have moved way ahead in times. We want marriages of equality, where our partner is our best friend and companion in good times and bad times. Friendship is the main aspect of a successful love story, even after marriage. But men are busy judging women on frivolous grounds, is she a Virgin, will she do what I say after marriage? Will she accept that my word will be the last word in the house? – Doesn’t matter that she may be far more logical, sensible, mature than him, but he will judge her by the age old thought process of virginity, obedience, submissiveness and what not and lose out on a woman worth having.

Men, please wake up and smell the coffee. Today’s woman is smart, independent, strong, emotionally and mentally  and capable of surviving on her own. If you think you are doing her a favour by marrying her, just sit back and retrospect. Who actually needs marriage – men or women? If you are going to judge her on the basis of so-called purity based on virginity, you will lose out on someone worth having and probably regret it when it’s too late.


6 Replies to “Virginity”

    1. Thank you, Garima. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. It’s true also. Men don’t have to prove they are virgins. This hypocrisy is only for women.

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