IndiBlogger – the haven for Writers


I was always very fond of writing since childhood. When I resumed writing after so many years, I showed my first story to a colleague and a friend who is himself an exceptional writer. He loved my story suggested that I should register on IndiBlogger and share my stories and articles. I had heard of IndiBlogger as I am in the Social media field of work. I thought this was the perfect place to share my writings. What can be better than getting the impartial views of people who don’t know you personally?

I registered myself on IndiBlogger and since then there is no looking back. I have got a lot of enouragement, love and positive feedback for the things I write, increasing my confidence even more. Today, I am getting requests from people to write for them and it is a very proud moment for me each and every time I get such a requests.

One of my happiest moments was when an international author(not a famous one) approached me to take my permission to include extracts from my article ‘Returning to Writing’ for her book. She said that the lines I had written about starting to write again were so beautiful that anyone would be inspired by them.

However, I still feel the happiest when my fellow IndiBloggers vote for my posts. I have received so much love, praise and encouragement from them that this is my most valuable takeaway from the website. We are like one huge online family. So yes, IndiBlogger has changed my life and definitely for the better. IndiBlogger Rocks!


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