Build My Event – A One Stop Solution to Search for the Perfect Venue for any Occasion

As Indians, we are always looking for a reason to celebrate. Whether it is a birthday party, an engagement or wedding, a cocktail party or an official celebration, we want a reason to get together with our family and friends or colleagues and have a good time. While planning a celebration, it is very inconvenient to find a venue which will suit our taste and budget. Whenever we are planning any celebration, what we worry about the most is a beautiful location and the catering. As Indians, we love to feel special in any celebrations and relish delicious food on such occasions.

Looking for a venue in a big city like Mumbai is like searching for a needle in the haystack. In a city like Mumbai where you there are banquet halls and hotels at every nook and corner, it is very difficult to visit each one of them and know the services they offer.

How would you feel if you could have a one-stop solution for finding the perfect place for the occasion that you have planned? That’s where comes into the picture. It is a unique website that helps you search for any kind of venue for the event you are going to host, personal or professional, in Mumbai and book online from the comfort of your home or office. It also helps you save on Time and Money that you would spend in visiting different venues.

The venues are categorized into different sections like Business, Private, Public. You can even search on the basis of Banquet Halls, Business Venues, Party Halls. The website also lets you search for venues on the basis of the occasion, for e.g.: Award ceremony, engagement, birthday, casual dinner, cocktail party. It is the first website that gives you so many options based on the kind of event, occasion, number of people.

The other very important advantage of the website is that when we contact any venue or hotel owner personally to get a quote for any event, you will see a lot of hesitation in providing you with the right quote. Even if they provide you with the quote, they will leave out a lot of hidden costs which they will spring on you at the last minute when you have no choice but to accept the costs. Now, you can get rid of this worry with When we request a quote from any venue on the website, they will give you a quote based on the usual criteria like number of guests, cuisine, etc. However , you can also select other chargeable facilities like Internet connection, Sound system etc and then request a quote which is truly unique.

Now, leave your worries behind and visit to plan the perfect event.



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