Vibrant and Majestic Gujarat(Contd)

My second edition of my awesome Gujarat Trip continues. After Gir Forest Resort, we continued our adventure to Royal Safari Camp, Bajana. On the way, we stopped at Junagadh. We saw the Junagadh palace. The building looks disappointing from outside, inside it was very pretty but not well maintained.

Junagadh Palace


Zeenat Aman’s ancestral home is in Junagadh

It is taken over by the government now.


Siyaram Bandhej Factory

We also stopped at the Siyaram Bandhej factory in Tejpur where needless to say, Mom and I went crazy buying material.


Somnath Temple



Now, we reach my second favourite part of the trip – Royal Safari Camp Bajana. The Royal Safari Camp is a luxurious resort which gives you a camping like feeling. It also has tents. It was a beautiful place. I got up at 5 a.m. to see a beautiful clear sky, the kind of seeing after a long time. The nature photography is something that you will love. We were here to see the Wild Ass Safari, but it also had a surprise in store for us which I will share with you at the end.

Royal Safari Camp, Bajana(Our Cottage)


The Entrance to the Royal Safari Camp


The view of the entire resort.

Of course, it was luxurious but it had a very rustic feel to it. We even had snakes there.




The view of the sunset at the camp


Wild Ass Safari(In the Little Rann of Kutch)

It was a very rough trip to the Wild Ass Safari but totally worth it.



Desolate yet beautiful



Wild Asses



Lone Ranger



And this was the surprise, something that I had not known – a beautiful flamingo park at the end of the Wild Ass Safari in the Little Rann of Kutch



IMG_2613 IMG_2615


So ended this adventurous yet heartwarming trip. People do the very routine stuff when they go on vacation. Doing different and unusual stuff is a lot of fun and very refreshing. Try it sometimes.





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