Vibrant and Majestic Gujarat

Whenever my family and I have gone on a vacation anywhere, we have always visited the regularly visited spots of the place we travel to. Soon, it was time for our next vacation.

We decided on Gujarat for this vacation. I was tired of the usual stuff – museums, temples and all the typical tourist spots. I wanted something different. Thankfully, my parents don’t want to run away at the thought of something adventurous – especially my mom. We did the normal stuff too like museums and temples. But this trip was one with a difference where we actually saw the vibrant and beautiful land that Gujarat is.

Adalja Step Well

I had not been very impressed with what I read about the step wells in Gujarat and had not included it in our plan. But our driver/guide in Ahmedabad insisted that we must see it. Am I glad that we listened to him? The architecture of the Adalja Step well(bavadi in Hindi)  is so magnificent that breathtaking is the only word for it. The Adalja Step well is five stories deep and is made of sandstone. The pictures will tell you how beautiful the structure is. The step well was built by Mohammed Begda after he conquered this area. After this step well was built, Begda had the masons killed who had built the step well. Their tombs are seen near the step well. Image



Tridev Mandir

Another spectacular place to be seen in Ahmedabad is the Tridev Mandir(Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). It is the only temple built for Lord Brahma.


Gir Forest Sanctuary

We had long since been planning to visit the Gir Forest Sanctuary and finally the plan materialised. We stayed in the Gir Forest Resort and the place is out of this world. It has a huge area with small ponds, bridges and lovely landscaping. It has a huge swimming pool too. We stayed in a duplex cottage and the view from there will make you forget everything else in this world.

Some pictures below: D.K Villa(Our Cottage)



The room on the second floor of the cottage


The second floor bedroom had a lovely attached bathroom along with an open air shower. The following picture is a view of the sunset from the 2nd floor room.


Next day, early in the morning, we were to go on the lion safari. Our Guide told us if you are lucky, you will be able to see a lion in its natural habitat. If you don’t get to, you can see it in the Devalya National Park. Did we get to see it in its natural habitat? Yes. We even followed it for quite sometime in our jeep as it walked ahead. It’s an experience I will never forget. IMG_2403 IMG_2404

The Gujarat experience that I enjoyed is too vast to be covered in one blog. I will continue it in the next blog post. Till then, enjoy reading up this post.


4 Replies to “Vibrant and Majestic Gujarat”

  1. Arti, thank you for sharing this fabulous blog post. You have actually opened my eyes. I was not aware that Gujarat was really so beautiful. I wish to visit the prominent places of India and Gujarat will now top my list.

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