What is it about friends that we grow so attached to them? Even when they are so far apart, they feel close to us and feel like a part of our heart and soul. Every time we see them unhappy, it feels like our heart is aching for something. They mean so much to us that we put their happiness before us. 

    All these thoughts are going through my mind today. They started as one of my closest friends moved to Delhi permanently yesterday. I was their till the end when she boarded the train. All I wanted to do was hug her close to me and tell her to change her mind about going. Yet, when she was crying all the way to the station, I was smiling and consoling her. When I  reached the station, another friend of hers joined us and both of us got her out of her emotional mood and made her laugh. We wanted to see her going with a smiling face. 

    For me, it was a big shock. Even though we were not in touch regularly though we stayed in the same colony, we always had each other at the back of our minds – we knew that whether the world leaves us alone, the two of us will always be there for each other. I had started keeping to myself because I was getting over a breakup. She understood that, but never left me alone, even though I stayed aloof. She gave me company when I needed it and left me alone when I needed space and never acted like she felt used, which is what anyone else would have felt. Both she and I were sure that we would be together forever, stay in the same colony and grow old together. 

     But though I was facing my own emotional problems, I couldn’t ignore the fact that she was slowly feeling lonelier and was falling sick regularly. Without her saying, I could feel that she was starting to miss staying away from her family who lived in Delhi. She had been living separately for fifteen years as she was working in Mumbai. Every time we met, I would tell her indirectly that she should return and stay with her family. Every time she fell sick, I would be worried sick and keep insisting on staying with her. But independent soul that she is, she would never agree. I would be worried sick all night when she was sick and alone, but never showed it to her. I didn’t want her to feel pressurised and wanted her to take the decision herself. Then, suddenly she told me that she has gotten engaged. She would meet me when she came to Mumbai and tell me the details.

    She packed up all her stuff, finished all the pending work and stayed with me for the last 3 days before leaving Mumbai. She is just like me, not ready to compromise on her ideals for the right man. She told me how she met the man she is going to marry. It is an arranged match, but a match made by God in bringing two people together who are meant to be together. He lives in Delhi. She told me how she felt an immediate connect with him when she met him. She had gone with the intention of saying that she needs atleast 3 months before she will commit to him. Yet, she found herself saying yes within 3 meetings. He supports her encourages her, cares for her more than her own father does. He is all I would want for a friend I love so much. I am now eagerly waiting to attend her wedding. 

     The pain of separation from her is assuaged by the fact that she has found true love.


6 Replies to “Friends”

  1. Friendships transcend those mere bounds we contrive and implicate around them courtesy of our own emotional potpourris in which we don’t know how to act. It always triumphs. Wonderfully written. 🙂
    Tushar Kumar Singh
    Project Disavowed

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