My Mother


I would not be writing a note to my mother in this post as it would be too personal. However, I will definitely write about her.

   As her photograph depicts, she is a cheerful, happy woman who spreads happiness wherever she goes. Whatever I am today, it’s because of her. She is strong, confident and a woman who’s the support system of her family. She has always believed in herself even when noone has, a quality that I have imbibed from her. She has taught me to be a strong, confident woman and taught me to believe in myself completely and never let people demoralise me or lose faith in myself. My life is incomplete without her.



4 Replies to “My Mother”

  1. Hi Arti,
    Talking about mothers is always sentimental. and sentiments don’t need lengthy posts. You’ve said it well, and short “My life is incomplete without her.” Beautiful.

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