Giving love to a child who yearns for it!

The issue I am going to discuss is very close to my heart and something I feel very strongly about. Whenever we think about having children, we think of our own biologically born kids. We never think about the countless children who are bereft of parents’ love for so many reasons. If a couple thinks of adopting a child, they are looked at suspiciously and people wonder if something is wrong with them and can’t they have their own kids. Why do we have this negative attitude towards adoption? Why do our elder generation, in fact even our peers, discourage us from adoption? 

     One excuse given by people is that we don’t what family background they come from and how they will turn out? Can we guarantee that our birth children can’t go the wrong way? Any relationship and any person comes with no guarantee about what they will be like in the future. 

     One of my cousins lost her baby sometime back. This was her second baby and due to some health reasons, she can’t have any more kids. Just a day after the baby’s passing away, when she had not even been able to grasp the truth, relatives started hounding her about not thinking of adopting kids and to be happy with one child. I was so shocked at the insensitivity. You are so prejudiced and insensitive that you are saying this to a mother who lost her baby a day back. You are so prejudiced against adoption that you are saying to her at a time when she needs to be given strength and love.

    What can be more beautiful that filling a loveless child’s life with love and giving them a happy and a secure future? I wish that this attitude changes soon and give happy homes to so many kids who need love and happiness. A child is a child, whether given birth by someone or adopted. They deserve love, happiness and security. 


6 Replies to “Giving love to a child who yearns for it!”

  1. Oh my, this boils me to the core. I cannot even begin to imagine her pain, and then to hear such spiteful words. Praying for healing, peace, and a little more hope each day!

  2. The thinking will hopefully change, and it must change. If it doesn’t, then we can’t change the way they think. Adoption is a beautiful event, and it must be encouraged.

  3. Adoption is a beautiful concept and should be accepted wholeheartedly. We are given the gift of intelligence and the ability to love, if we can’t extend that to a child then the world is surely going to be a very rotten place to live!

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