Obsession with Fairness

A whole nation of people obsessed with fairness, a beauty industry that exploits this obsession to the fullest. A fairness cream gets you anything your heart desires – marriage to that hot dude, the job you always wanted or the loan for that business you want to start – this is what the fairness cream ads say. 

     The obsession with fairness is creating a whole lot of girls and women who concentrate only on their looks. Personality development, being a good human being, being accomplished and believing in oneself, all have taken a backseat. You can achieve something in life only if you are fair. It is creating a generation of women who only think about being beautiful. 

      Why can’t we take pride in our natural skin tone which is the envy of the women all over the world? Women come to India to get that tan or even use tanning creams in their country and here we are – obsessed with fair skin! 

Look at the some of the most beautiful women in the film industry – Kajol, Rekha, Malaika Arora Khan, Sushmita Sen, Nandita Sen, Konkona Sen Sharma. What do they have in common – they are all dusky beauties and very talented and accomplished.

   Ladies, please take pride in your natural beauty and stop this obsession with fairness.


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