Writing a Book

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From the time I started writing again, I have been wondering whether I have it in me to write a book. A friend at work just wrote a book and when I read it, I was astounded by how good the book is. Such deep thinking and such a positive book.

      It got me thinking. Could I ever write like that? But then, if a subject is really close to you, you automatically write from the heart and write a story that appeals to people. I started thinking about which subject is the closest to me.  Is it my family, my friends whom I have beautiful memories of, my school days, my work life, what is it?

Then it came to me. The experiences that have shaped me into the person that I am, the life that is closest to my heart, the life that gave me the love for the travelling – the Army life.

To me, Army life is an inseparable part of me. From the time I was born till the time I was life, my life was in the Army. I was more upset than my father when he retired from the Army.

     If I ever decide to write a book, it will be about the Army and my experience of that life. Hope I write it someday.


10 Replies to “Writing a Book”

  1. as far as i see it … don’t plan to write a book … just write … otherwise u will end up being another chetan bhagat … don’t write with an agenda in mind… let the heart flow in free …. trust me something beautiful will come out.. some might call it a book.

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